First Post/First Surgery

Hi everyone, I'm a 22 yr old male, first time poster... but i thought i'd just share my experience (which so far has been a pretty mild pilonidal sinus experience compared to what i've been reading on these forums once i was diagnosed by my GP)

Well i'm one week post-op from a karydakis procedure, and really really happy with it so far. Just had my vac-pump removed yesterday (so no more walking around the house being tied to things) as well as the water-proof dressing over the stitches. So now i've just got the stitches to come out in another week.

Bit of backstory: noticed something was up with my tailbone area probably a year ago or more now. I've had two flare ups (both times i went to the GP straight away and first time was correctly diagnosed with pilonidal sinus disease) and keflex got rid of the flare-ups within days. I had two sinuses probably an inch apart. With the pain to the left butt cheek. Anyway... lots of disgusting fun all those flare ups and so fourth were.

Back to the actual surgery: so i met my surgeon 3 weeks before the surgery and he explained he was going to do the karydakis procedure. Then 3 weeks later i rock up at the hospital, fill out a tonne of forms, meet several different doctors, gown on, meet my anaesthetists. Get rolled into surgery around 9.30am.

IV needle goes in, General anaesthetic goes in (best feeling ever might i add) then i don't remember a thing. Wake up in recovery with an IV drip on my side. (I think i had an oxygen mask maybe... quite groggy and dizzy) Anyway asides from what was given to me in the surgery (i assume there was some form of painkillers etc.) all i was on for 4 days post-op was antibiotics and antiinflammatories. Pain level was zero. I was expecting a hellish post-op experience, but asides from not being able to sit, lie on my back or walk around too much (so basically house bound watching dvds) i feel great. This was really surprising (although this is what my surgeon told me, but i didn't really believe him).

Anyway, i thought the surgery would be such a big deal. But i was in the hospital for 2 days and the most painful things were actually trying to sleep with the IV needle still in my arm but no drip (so it was in there for no reason but if they had to give me some emergency drugs) and the fear of having a catheta (sp?) shoved you know where because i couldn't pee properly for about 24-36 hrs post surgery due to the anaesthetic. (Luckily i pee'd enough that the nurses were happy it was slowly coming down (the volume of fluid in my bladder) after each bladder scan.

Anyway i look forward to getting my stitches out and returning to full time work next week. Hopefully this is me all healed up and good. In another 5 weeks i can go back to exercising.

Thanks for listening. :D
Sounds like you got in there early and got a great team all together on your first try! Excellent news! Keep us posted. Always good to hear a good word!
Good for you! My daughter had a karydakis flap as well, on Aug. 12. She is doing as well as you are! Let's hope you both continue to heal and this never conmes back. BTW Sarah gets her stitches out Monday. {13 days after surgery}.
good to hear your doing well. please keep us posted.
Well quick update:

So it's 3 weeks post surgery, last thursday (i.e. a week ago) i had my external stitches out, and then last friday I went back to work (I had a coccyx cushion to sit on). Friday was a bit annoying, ended up standing around a bench for the last few hours instead of sitting down. But walking around the office and to the bus station was good.

Then i had the weekend to lie around and not do too much and recover from my first ventures into sitting down again.

Then back to work for another 5 days (which was a lot easier than the first day of sitting, and in fact I hardly even noticed the surgery site anymore). Though i was getting a little bit of blood (equivalent to a paper cut) when I'd go to the toilet.

Anyway, wound update:

The entire thing is closed from the top, I can see that around the external stitches it's a bit red. But the very bottom of the wound is still open (3 weeks post op) and I'm thinking I'll ask my surgeon if he thinks sliver nitrate or something might be appropriate. It's ~3 cm (a little bit over an inch) long that is still open. But I didn't want to fiddle with it too much in case I rip it open more... so I don't know how deep it is still... and it seems to be leaking a little bit of yellow/clear ooze (just like my sinus' used to...) Anyway I see the surgeon in 5 days so I'll see what he says, but otherwise I drove my car for the first time today (5 minutes...) and am pretty comfortable walking around and sitting now.

One thing that was really funny was that last week over lunch with my mates I found out that one of them also had pilonidal sinus (and had 5 surgeries over 5 years to deal with it!) so yeah i guess it's one of those things that people just don't talk about... (As I've been mates with him for 5 years and never knew!)
My daughters flap all went well, but the 2 bottom stitches broke lose, so she had a small hole. It is now but the size of a sunflower seed! And getting smaller day by day.
Sounds like things are going well with you as well.
Glad to hear it is healing up well. I had the Karydakis done 10 days ago, although the surgeon I had here in Melbourne does not use the vac pump so I didn't have to go through that discomfort, he wouldn't even discuss the ise of something like that...
It is actually surprising when you finally start telling people what you have had done how many people have had it!
Looks like all is going well and lets hope it carries on. I don't know anything about this procedure but I would not worry too much about the oozing as you did have surgery 3 wks ago. See what your surgeon says as I know you do get some drainage post op its normal.

But overall I am glad things are going well [^^]
Hi yogibear,
Thanks for sharing your story so far. A lot of what you wrote about your surgery experience rang true with me. I'm 10 weeks post op, have that little stubborn bit at the bottom that hasn't healed, but working with a woundcare nurse to hopefully sort it out. There are lots of good suggestions on this site about healing up stubborn wounds - diet, air flow, special dressings etc. if yours doesn't show signs of healing you might like to try something else.

I also couldn't pee properly for about 36 hours after surgery! The surgeon and nurses had no idea why! Interesting that you say it was the anaesthetic. At least I could manage enough to avoid the catheta, phew.
I've yet to have surgery for the pilo, but I can remember about a week from having the staples from the c-section removed, the scar started oozing. Scared the life out of me! I thought my insides were getting ready to bust out. I had no idea that was normal.

The guy who does my hair recently told me that he gets a minor flare up about once a year, but just drains it out in the shower on his own. Certainly not something that would come up in regular conversation! The only reason why it came up at all was because I was having difficulty sitting in the chair they use to wash your hair two weeks after a lancing.

Glad you are doing well!
Thanks for all the helpful tips and encouragement ;)

Well i just saw my surgeon (4 weeks post-op) and the last few centimetres is still not closed... :mad:

Anyway. He shaved off the little hairs around it, cut out the "dissolvable" inner stitches that were still in that section, and told me to get some "Keltostat" dressings to shove in there and then get a pad to hold it in there and replace it twice a day, and consider taking salt baths twice a day. But otherwise he said that the open section was all perfectly clean (thanks to my adjustable shower head of awesomeness :rolleyes:)

The only sad thing is a 3 day holiday i'm taking with some mates down south will be slightly interesting as I won't be able to go kayaking...:(

So it's kinda like a top section karydakis and a bottom section open excision... except my hole is already only about the size of a 50 cent coin (but quite deep)
Hm... i've got no idea if i'm using these packing things right. So anyway they're called "algitate" and i've got a gauze type sticky thing to hold it in.

But i just cut it into a rectangle and fold it into the open wound section and then place the gauze over the top so it can't fall out, then in the morning it's half dissolved into a gel and the bit that i pull out is covered in blood, and white/yellow ooze..... then i have a shower and shove a new one in there... (btw this is a 3cm long hole, so it's tiny and i can't really "pack" more like "line the hole")

Hm... oh well...:confused:
Hi yogibear,
i'm using something called Aquacel which I think is the same as alginate. I cut mine into strips about 5cm long and about 4mm wide and stick in my little hole (really little hole at this point so I guess you just use as much as you need - whatever that means!) with a tail hanging out. Then just a gauze pad over the top.

Mine also dissolves and goes gooey and with a bit of blood and whatever other ooze is coming out on the day.

Just watch out if you feel pain after packing. I felt no pain while packing but when I stood up it hurt like hell. turns out I was putting too much in.
Hmm... well as of tomorrow i'm 5 weeks post op...been doing this packing on the bottom 3cm thing for ~6 days now...(i've also been shaving the area around the open wound as per doctors orders each day)

I thought it was helping...then like about 30 minutes ago, I removed the packing I put in this morning at around 7am (it's now 12am) so ~17 hrs it'd been in...

And it bled a lot (as if the total volume of the wound was full of blood) when i went to the toilet afterwards...just doesn't want to heal. Walking, sitting, going to the toilet... all = ripping up the heal.

So i think I'm back to where i was with the 3cm bit still open...

Anyway... I don't think i'm packing right. Cause it seems that the hole is too small to stuff the stuff in there... so i kind of just line the surface... (it's not very deep maybe 0.5-1cm deep?)

Not very happy at the moment... (I don't think my doc will be too pleased when i see him in another week either...) was expecting to be all healed and able to do some light jogging after 6 weeks... [:^]

Argh!... maybe i need to see a nurse or someone to do it for me and show me how to pack this tiny thing...
i'm really sorry you are struggling. these wounds are just so difficult and make us feel hopeless at times. your probably not doing anything wrong. its prewtty hard to screw that up. it might just be that the size of the wound is making it difficult to hold anything and don't be scared of the bleeding. i was always told that bleeding is always a good sign of healing, even this far in. it will be interesting to see what your doc says. just hang in there and please keep us posted.[o+o]
cricket1;71422 said:
i'm really sorry you are struggling. these wounds are just so difficult and make us feel hopeless at times. your probably not doing anything wrong. its prewtty hard to screw that up. it might just be that the size of the wound is making it difficult to hold anything and don't be scared of the bleeding. i was always told that bleeding is always a good sign of healing, even this far in. it will be interesting to see what your doc says. just hang in there and please keep us posted.[o+o]

Oh it's not so much a struggle at the moment. More like an unmentionable topic of conversation except when my mate's are like let's go to the beach, kick the footy, go out for a drink etc. etc. And I keep having to say no. (They know i had surgery... just most of them don't know the specifics...) :(

On the otherhand going to work and so fourth is pretty straight forward... So I'm not really complaining, I actually think everything's been brilliant! :D But I just want it to close, as i'm feeling really slack having not done any real exercise in ~6 weeks

Hurry up and heal mr butt alien! [oyo]
Arg, yogibear I totally feel your pain. I think we are in the same boat with that last little bit not healing. I'm 12 weeks post surgery on monday and last time i saw the nurse I just cried!! I was so exhausted from this and work and study and planning a holiday that i just lost it. Poor woman must have thought I was crazy...

It sounds like you are packing it right. From what I understand, the point of the packing is to keep it open at the top so the top doesn't close while the bottom is still open. The nurse told me just to stick a bit of aquacel at the top of the wound (she called it 'wicking') to keep the top open. You don't have to fill the whole thing up. STill good to see a nurse just to make sure you're doing it right.

Also the nurse should actually measure the depth and length and keep you updated how it is going. Sometimes you can't tell, but it might have got 1mm shallower.

All the above said, I'm still banging my head against a brick wall at 12 weeks, so maybe I'm getting bad advice....

Let us know how you go.
Okay this is going to sound really illogical... but anyway... (also please don't act on this as advice or anything...)

Well so I just went on a 4 day holiday with a whole bunch of mates to a beach house... and I was doing my packing in the mornings each day. (Wound was still open ~3cm).

Anyway on this trip I:
-drove 3 hrs down
-drove back 3 hrs
-kicked the footy on the beach (made sure not to go in the water or get sand up my bum...[oyo])
-got absolutely plastered on wine/beer/tequila 3 nights in a row
-danced myself silly like the very drunk stupid 22 yr old that i am
-started drinking at ~10am the next day each day
-sat in a very awkward position on a bus for a wine tour

Anyway i don't know if it was because i was relaxed... or if it was the alcohol or just a complete coincidence, but i'd consider most of the above all things to avoid if you want your wound to heal.

BUT I'm PRETTY SURE IT's CLOSED!*)#!)*@&)!*@& [:8)][:8)][:8)]


Now I'm just hoping it stays closed and it becomes a nice alien butt monster. :D