First Post/First Surgery

Okay, nope. Wound is open again [X(]

Damn stupid being back to normal life and thinking about my pilonidal has made it open up again! [:^]

Well time to pack it...
Quick update:

6 weeks post-op.

Still have the same damn 3 cm bit at the bottom open. Saw the surgeon again on friday. He was happy that it was clean.

No real progress. He said it might be like this for quite some time... (next time i'm meant to see him is in 5 weeks)

Still bleeding heaps sometimes when i go to the toilet, but otherwise zero pain.

Arggghhhh.......... whatever mr butt alien! I will beat you down! :mad:
~7 weeks post op. 3cm bit still open. I think it's getting shallower, though not booked in to see the surgeon again for another 4 weeks. Shaving around the area every 2nd day. Packing it still with algisite. Still no pain. Come on and heal already cause I want to go sailing! [:8)]
Have you tried kaltostat packing? I'd like to say it has answered all of my wildest pilonidal healing dreams, but mine is still open 14 or 15 weeks after surgery (also stopped counting). I do find it better than algisite though - more comfortable.

I'm trying something new. Religously leaving it out in the air for at least 15 mins a day. Previously I've used being busy as an excuse for not taking the time to lie around before packing it. Day 2 - I'll let you know how that goes.
This is frustrating. My 3cm of bit open at the bottom is still bleeding a lot. (say ~50-100mL a day) Everytime i swap out the algisite it's all red blood and a little bit of yellowy puss on the algisite.

9 weeks of this is getting over the top. I thought I signed up for 6 weeks to be recovered.... :D

Oh well... i guess i'm lucky i can go to work and walk around and stuff...
It's strange how some people complain about bleeding alot. I dont remember bleeding much except for the first night after the surgery when I made a whole mess of the sheets in the hospital. Is this bleeding caused by some blood disorder where the blood doesn't coagulate enough or is it just normal healthy behavior?
If you are in Melbourne Yogibbear, I would highly recommend getting a second opinion from Paul Kitchen. Sorry you are having such a difficult time.

All the best,
Didn't they tell you? Special offer. Sign up for 6 weeks get another 6 weeks free...

that does seem to be quite a lot of blood. Does your Dr have any idea why? Have you talked to anyone about the idea that it might be hypergranulating? If it is that would explain the bleeding and lack of healing. The right cream can fix that right up.

I've given up on mine healing up and am seeking a 2nd opinion from Dr Kitchen who seems to be The Man.
polish;72277 said:
It's strange how some people complain about bleeding alot. I dont remember bleeding much except for the first night after the surgery when I made a whole mess of the sheets in the hospital. Is this bleeding caused by some blood disorder where the blood doesn't coagulate enough or is it just normal healthy behavior?
I'm not a "bleeder". What i mean is that when i remove the algisite or sometimes when i go to the toilet either of those two actions will tear the bit that's still open ~3cm and it will bleed and bleed for ~a minute or whatever...

So after my morning shower, when i go to put in a new tab of algisite it tends to ooze out quite a bit of blood as i've just
1. removed my old algisite that's been in there for 23.5 hrs
2. had a shower
3. used the showerhead to clean the woundsite
4. gone to the toilet
5. bent over to insert new algisite tab

Any one or two of those above seems to split the wound a bit and then it oozes for a minute or so.... nice bright red clean blood though... so i'm not fussed and it doesn't smell bad or anything...

Anyway... seeing my surgeon friday... so we'll see what he says... it's still open the same amount but it's stopped bleeding this week since last friday... so i'm feeling a "little" bit happier about it. Though i'm generally quite a positive person so i totally forget about it lately till i have to replace the algisite tab or someone asks if we can play squash and i have to say "no cause my wound hasn't healed yet" [:^]
Ah well after seeing the surgeon... he said that it's not really healing... but it's still clean and not infected. Told me to get better at shaving the hairs around the wound (as in the ones directly on the skin either side of the hole). Also he told me to use bigger bits of algisite (previously he said to use smaller bits) anyway so now I'm actually "packing" it...

He also cleaned it out a bit, removed some of the granulated bits of failed healing... and blood kinda went everywhere! :D

Oh well... none of it hurt, and i pretty much expected everything he said. So still happy. The worst part is it's probably at least a couple of months till it finishes healing... and it's already been 11 weeks... [oyo]
Have you had cultures taken of your wound? I know you said it looks clean and like theres no infection... but when I had my first surgery, i had the same problem with a non healing wound. Had cultures taken and found out it was mrsa- an antibiotic resistant infection. Like I said, there were no other signs of infection and the wound actually looked pretty clean... but the mrsa was delaying healing. Please ask about getting a culture just to be sure... you'd be surprised how common it is and in your situation it wouldn't hurt anything!
it very likly could be something like mrsa that is preventing healing. i despise mrsa. my son just about died at the age of 2 from mrsa infected chicken pox that turned ceptic. he even got on the helicopter to get to a bigger hospital. any time there is any possibility of mrsa, it should be taken very seriously. i think its a great idea to demand a swab. i hope things turn around for u soon.
So sorry

This is so tough. We've just gone through the same thing with my son. Now we're doctor shopping. My son broke down last night and said he never had the surgery.

Check the list of docs in your area in the Doctor's Hall of Fame on this site.

Good luck!
Kkk well since seeing my GP i've now started a new plan:

Moday's, Wednesday's and Friday's i go to my GP before going to work (and work a little later instead... yes my boss is cool with it) and my GP does the packing and cleaning and hair fiddling (all takes ~5 minutes).

So far i've seen my GP 4 times. So far so good. My little 3cm bit seems to be responding to some hardcore medical training TLC. On the other 4 days i am continuing to do the packing myself.

Feels like it's responding... not doing any actual measurements to prove that it's not all just in my head. I can only hope [x0x]

At the very least... the hardcore bleeding has stopped. 16 weeks and counting.