First Post/First Surgery

Survived! [x0x] But he decided after cutting it open to leave it open.... :eek: So now I have to work out how this open thing works... home nurse over christmas [X(]
i'm not sure how u feel about that but i'm soooooooo happy they left it open. i just hated the idea of them closing it considering most people don't get rid of this with it closed. i have alot of confidence with the open and u will be shocked as to how fast this thing heals with the packing. if u have any questions, feel free to ask. i have personally had tons of open wound experiences. with the open its nice too cause its almost impossible to get an infection.
Okay roughly how long until I can go back to work? (I'm an engineer... so I just catch a bus, walk about 1km, and sit at a desk)

My surgeon told me 6-8 weeks for it to heal, but that 3 weeks would probably be heaps of time before i'd have to go back to work.

Not sure though...

Going to be interesting organising nurses to come to my house every day to do the dressing.

Also do you remove the old dressing yourself and then have a shower before the nurse arrives?

Also i'm packing with a big ribbon of kaltostat. (Basically really similar to the algisite stuff i was using on my failed karydakis, only ten times as much packing)

Also what about sitting on it? (I'm one day post-op and it feels comfortable enough to sit on my cocyx cushion, whereas post-op karydakis it felt uncomfortable for like 2.5 wks to sit on it)... how long should I sit on it? Is sitting on an open wound bad?

Also i don't seem to need any painkillers... is this cause my surgery ones haven't worn off yet? Will i need to pop a panadeine forte before the nurse arrives to change my dressing?

ARGH! So many questions...
i have only had family pack my wounds and i've never showered ahead of time.

sitting is fine if it feels ok as theres no way to injure your open wound.

and yes it could still be numb. but for me it didn't really hurt much except the packing hurt bad and yes i highly reccomend taking something 30 min prior.

u should return to work once u feel u can handle it.

the hardest part of an open is not now. its when its getting very close to closed as its hard to get it to close the last bit and rip back open easily. but right now theres not many rules.

i always packed with just white gauze fluff soaked in saline. it was called a wet to dry packing.
With Sarah's second surgery {open wound}, she would get into the shower and let the water run down to rinse it out. Then after the shower, we would put a piece of gauze on it. There was no packing at all.
Hope this helps!
Wow, I've been off the forum for a while and looks like a lot has been happening with you!

My husband had an open wound surgery which I helped to dress (and a nurse once a week). Here's what he did - no complications with healing and 8 years later no problems whatsoever.

Prior to packing he would take a salt bath. Awkward, but he got a baby bath and filled it with warm salty water and sat it in for 20 mins.
I would flush the wound out with saline then stuff it full of kaltostat ribbon.
Put a pad thing over the top and tape it down.
Repeat x2 per day for at least a couple of weeks I think.

Not sure how much he was sitting on it for the first few weeks. I suspect your drugs haven't worn off yet which is why it feels ok. Husband had surgery in mid year uni break so was back to uni within 2 weeks I think - not recovered, but able to get out and about.

I know you're using Kaltostat now, but reading your earlier posts, and for the benefit of others on here using Algistat, my nurse switched me from Algi to Kalto because Algi doesn't dissolve. If a little bit of it gets left behind in the wound it is likely to cause an infection, whereas Kalto is seaweed so it just melts away into goo.

HOpe this all heals up nicely second time around!
and everything is going to depend on how big your wound is. obviously wound sizes are different in everyone. my 4th surgery my open wound was 4 inches deep, 5inches wide and 7 inches long. we packed for 4 months with barely any closure so thats when i got my cleft lift. my 1st surgery was a closed gone bad and opened back up for packing and we packed for 6 months. it almost closed but just stopped, so i had surgery number 2 which was also left open. we packed for 4 months when it finally closed and stayed closed for 2 years. the longest so far that i've ever gone with this pilo. i'm really hoping number 5 surgery will surpass that one by years.
So the nurse came by today... was totally painless having the dressing switched. She said that i could shower after the dressing change by covering the area with a waterproof plastic thing...

She gave me one, which i later tried and as soon as water touched it, it wrinkled up and was useless so i just showered my arms and legs and face and then quickly got out...

So looks like no showers for a few weeks :D

My wound is about 8cm long and bottomless pit deep. The entire kaltostat ribbon fits in there if that means anything to anyone...
oh i am so happy that it didn't hurt. i have no clue how big centimeters are in comparison to inches. my surgeons always told me in inches. regardless yours sounds quite deep. so far how are feeling about open versus closed? like pain wise and stuff?
both are the same. zero pain. well so far zero with the open. tingles a bit right near my tailbone.

8cm ~ 3 inches.

The best bit about the open is i can sit down and walk around etc. etc. without fear of popping a stitch or feeling awkwardly stuck. I spent the first week and a half with my karydakis on my stomach on the couch, whereas so far with the open i feel pretty comfy sitting down every now and again for quite a while. Say an hour or so. Then i go lie down again. My surgeon even said sitting on it is good for an open as it keeps the thing open.
Hm... still pretty much zero pain on the dressing changes. Though today when i took my padding off (left the kaltostat in) to have a shower as per doctors orders there was a small... about 50 cent sized greenish smear surrounded by the light bits of pink/red on there that seems pretty normal to me. What the hell is this green stuff? Please don't tell me it's already infected [:^]
its not infected, i promise!!!!!!! first of all to calm your nerves, opened, packed wounds are almost impossible to get infected. the green stuff is so scary and it really feels like green should not be comming out of our bodies. almost all people get this and its called exudate. this is a good thing to have. its a by product of good healing. the more u have the better healing and the less u have the slower the healing.

phew, that was a scary one. i remember being there when i had my first green gauze and i layed on the bed and cryed. let alone the fact i knew nothing of this site so i'm glad i could answer your question. i'm glad everything else feels good.[x0x]
yes yogi, u are doing great![:8)]
Hm... question? How do people do salt baths? Give me the strategy that works best for you... i.e. cooking salt and say jump in for < 5 minutes?

Also... had the worst nurse today. Although she didn't do anything bad to my tennis ball hole in my ass that i could see/feel... but she insisted that i was to supply the kaltostat and other stuff... grrrr and packed it weirdly... anyway if it hurts today i'm blaming it on her. :cool:
i've never done salt baths. I have just soaked in straight water so i cannot help with that.

some nurses really have no buisness being nurses. Well i hope u still feel ok after their non sense.
Haha yeah that's what it was like... "nonsense" perfect way to describe how i felt about them. :)

All the others knew what was going on and we just chatted about the surgery etc. etc. while they did their thing and went "so are you just covering the padding with me-fix?" etc. etc.

Whereas this one sounded like their way is the only way.

Anyway going to try to drive myself to the hospital tomorrow to get my dressing changed as it's christmas :cool: Merry Christmas everyone!
Mmmm so today was a hilarious morning... sitting there on my bathroom floor with my ass in a collapsible soft ice bucket that i filled with water and lots of salt... mmmmmmm... such a nice feeling getting that warm salty water up in that crater... [x0x]

Oh well... don't think i'll be going out to my mate's new years party tonight. Sparklers and tea at home for me. [:8)]
well happy new year to u anyways! i'm sorry u are stuck home. i hope things heal quickly for u so u can get back to your life.[o+o]