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Okay well spoke too soon. It only stayed closed for 7 days. Yesterday it was back open a little bit. Stupid surgeon did such a dumb job that it basically rubs itself open again if i do anything other than lie around and considering i work full time that is not going to happen. :(
Is it a tiny tear or has it opened up into a hole... it could be that it healed poorly. Make sure you eat all your healthy stuff and maybe go see him and see what he says.
MaVeRiCk7;78721 said:
Is it a tiny tear or has it opened up into a hole... it could be that it healed poorly. Make sure you eat all your healthy stuff and maybe go see him and see what he says.
Nah it's a tear. Not a hole. Looks more like a blister trying to heal.
So a quick update. My 2 holes are now closed as of a few days ago. (Third time they've closed over the 18+ months)...

So now i'm starting the 4 week count down to officially declaring that i'm healed. Hopefully i'm fully healed before christmas as i'm up for a job move that will involved going onsite by plane every so often (scored exactly the job i wanted).

The difference this time is that finally the skin around the area of the wound is not completely ripped to shreds from all the tape as we switched to a "comfit" (not sure on spelling?) dressing that is usually used for burns victims or whatever and it's like a sticky baby vomit coloured patch thingy that you kinda warm up before putting it on and put the silver in under that... so it stopped the scar from the surgery rubbing on the skin around the wound site. This has allowed the wound to heal and the skin to not be ripped to shreds so this time i'm feeling really confident that it's going to be the one to heal fully and never ever ever ever ever again require surgery. Crossing all my fingers, toes and appendages. [:8)] Wish me luck. [x0x]
So errr... haven't updated this in a while. Been distracted by life and everything. :) Hope everyone is getting ready to have a great christmas/new year or whatever you wish to celebrate. That 4 weeks turned into a little bit longer as there were a few setbacks... however I saw the nurse today and tentatively booked in to see them again on the 4th of January but we think that will be more of a formality as my wound has now been closed for ~5 weeks. All i do is put some powder on the skin to stop the scar scratching itself open again. I've been boxing for the past 5 weeks 5 times a week for 15 mins doing some circuit training to start losing the weight i gained over the past ~19 months of doing absolutely nothing except going to nurses and work. Three days ago i started putting some elliptical time into my programme to test out putting serious stress on the wound area and sweat/friction etc. etc. and it seems fine. So i'm pretty much calling it now, but Santa has given me a healed surgical wound for christmas. (Last year i went in to surgery for christmas...) So this year is much better, and i got the job i wanted to switch into in february (which require some travel fly-in/fly-out and likely running around a plant) so it's all turning out perfectly. All i have to do i wipe the area clean in the shower each day and that's about it. So i think i'm pretty much healed and out of here. Though i'll post updates along the way as from just being here and hearing everyone's support and their own stories I know that i'm not out of it yet, as it could come back, but my closed excision followed by open excision is closed and not looking like opening up and i can sit on my bum, lie on my back, jog on the elliptical. It's great.

WOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!! [:8)][:8)][:8)]

Cheers for listening, reading or laughing. Hope you all have a great holiday time with your family and friends. [x0x]
Quick update. Still closed. Beeeeeeeen ages since i've seen a nurse/doc/surgeon etc. etc. WOOOOHOOO...

However... totally freaked out today while doing some squats during weights when my scar tissue felt funny!!!!! NOOOOOOOOooooooo so went straight to the mirror to check it out... looked fine. But i freaked and then had a shower and cleaned the area real good and then doted on my scar tissue taking care of it (we had a heat wave these last 12 days or so all higher than 35 deg. celsius so have been sweating a lot). I've been exercising and so far it's been dismall but i'm 5kg lighter. :) Only another 10kg to go and then i'm back to where i was pre-surgery some 2 yrs ago or whatever.


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Skimmed your thread, sounded like a hell of an experience! Good that you're finally healed. Didn't know anyone else here also lifted weights. I was back to lifting in 2 weeks, but I only had the pit picking done.
Quick update: EVERYTHING STILL AWESOME. No issues. All still healed. Just thought I'd check in as usually once someone heals they don't tend to stick around. But mine's been all good. 5 months down. :) Ran 5km the other day. Wound site wasn't even red. Been exercising heaps. Lost 8kg so far.
Hm.... annoyed been exercising heaps and the whole area around my scar looks like it's rubbed itself raw. Chucked some prantal powder on it and hoping the skin reheals... Doesn't look good at all, but there's definitely no pilo or anything like that. Just because the stupid surgery healed in a stupid way so the two sides of my bum rub on each other. So sweat + friction = goodbye skin......