first time, first cyst, first surgery soon..I think?

Hello, everyone I appreciate all the stories and the advice everyone is giving out since there is not to much on the internet. From what I have learned is this is a horrible disease and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Luckily I don't have excruciating pain yet, it is uncomfortable for me to sit for a long period of time or to go to the bathroom, but that's about it..for now. From what I have read this can creep up on you at anytime when you're not looking!
Anyways, let me tell you about my story. Apparently, it starts out like a pimple on your butt, I never thought I had that but now that I can think about it more; I'm pretty sure I did have one but of course thought nothing of it. I mean I do suffer with acne on my back, shoulders and butt sometimes because I have been working out and got into a serious workout routine( hour/hour and a half of working out) so acne on my back, shoulder, and butt didn't make me shocked or anything. Also, I do have oily skin so like I said nothing popped in my head that I was in trouble. Fast forward maybe 2 weeks? One day I went to the bathroom and had some pain while wiping. Looked and felt a BUMP right underneath my tailbone. Didn't think to much of it because since I have been working out for the past year I thought maybe it was scar tissue from abs or riding bike about 15-20 miles a day. Waited a few more days and to my surprise it grew, and I realized I had TWO BUMPS! Now, I get anxiety pretty easy so you could imagine what I was thinking. "maybe its cancer, a tumor, omg I'm going to die!" One thing that I will say that made me go right to cancer was that my Grandma had colon cancer, so the whole day I discovered these now 2 bumps were horrible. One thing about me is I'm 25 years old and I'm going to school for a Physical Therapist Assistant. Competition for this class is extremely competitive but that whole entire day I could not FOCUS, I failed my quiz and just could not pay attention. When I got home I knew I had to go to the doctor. Unfortunately, classes that I had that day didn't get done till over 4:30, not allowing me to go to my own doctor. Nonetheless, I went to the med center. I was told they were Pilonidal cyst and they put me on an antibiotic (starts with an S, sulforthroxamine? idk how to spell it haha) and I was on my way. At the time, it only hurt when I wiped, or stretched my butt cheeks. About, a week later it was becoming more painful, the "cysts" were getting bigger and it was becoming more uncomfortable. I decided to do a follow-up with my doctor to see what was going on. Now my doctor I trust a lot, had him forever with no complaints ever and he told me that I was born with this cyst. ( I say this, because I have seen a lot of people say that if your doctor says this find a new one, but I trust him.) Anyways he looked at my cyst yesterday 1/26/16, discovered the "2 cyst" was one and it was about the size of a Clementine?! First he said he wanted to drain it, I was freaked out and was not prepared for this haha. So, I told him "maybe another day?" We talked more about it, how I never had this before and that he told me this is not uncommon. He put me on another antibiotic Cephalixin (spc?) and, advised me to sit in hot warm hot baths, and sit on heating pads as well as taking the antibiotic. Now I don't have a pilonidal sinus, or dimple. I just have the cyst and its uncomfortable, you can see the cyst popping out, but it is still underneath the skin, however there is a white line forming which my gut is telling me that its the sinus or dimple forming.? The line is beginning to itch which is making it more painful. Anyways, back to the story. So my doctor informed me to do all these things so it can turn to an abscess, so he can drain it, but regardless he said I need to get it REMOVED. He told me that since it is chronic, he doesn't want me to risk it, now obviously it could return and flare up after a month again or 4o years from now. I know its a risk. But, my doctor said the best thing to do is to get it removed. I'm waiting for my surgeon to call to set up an appt. I have read and read your stories of surgery it sounds absolutely horrendous. The problem I have is i'm in school, so I don't know how long I will be out for and it absolutely scares me. My drive to school is roughly about 45 min. I only can miss 6 days per class, and every class, I have twice a week. Another problem I have is I know that you can wait, but I get off my parents insurance March 2nd, so meaning I need the surgery done by that day. Since, I have been taking the antibiotic I feel as if the cyst got a lot smaller, it still is uncomfortable but if the surgery involves removing it hopefully its the size of a pea so they don't have to create such a big deep hole, you know? I mean, idk if the hole is always the same width and depth for every surgery? I'm guessing this is why my doctor put me on Cephalixin to reduce the size..has anyone else ever taken this antibiotic before surgery? And, if so do you think since your cyst was smaller, the surgical opening was smaller?? I'm sorry for writing this book, its just all new to me and I just need to vent to some people, my parents don't really understand how horrible this is and plays it off like its nothing, which is very frustrating and makes home life even more stressful. What's worse is since my cyst got bigger (2 days ago I have not been able to workout, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE working out, running, and exercises for my butt like squats, donkey kicks, sumo squats, wall sits,, so that's a no for now, and now I don't know how long till that can get me in for surgery. I know that I'm thin, but I just can't think of laying on the couch doing nothing, even now I feel gross that I can't workout. I feel like I'm just losing muscle by the minute all that hard work for over a year will be gone. :( The post op surgery I'm seriously afraid of. I just want to know will I ever be the same?! After it heals can I do squats again or could I rip the tissue!? Will I ever be able to ride my bike 20 miles again!? It scares me, seeing how long it takes to heal with these stories. But, like I read too, no one is the same and healing depends how your body takes it, but in the end result can you sit on the floor again with no pain?!? Thank you for anyone that responds, I will keep this updated and let you know what the surgeon says or if it gets worse!!
You can totally lead a normal life after surgery! Depending on which surgery you chose that determines how much time you will need to take it easy. A lot of people go with a cleft lift surgery and I'm sure someone who has been through that can give you their healing time experience. I had a closed surgery last May, my healing time was about two weeks, only 4 stitches. After the stitches came out I took it easy about another month just to make sure nothing reopened. My cyst was about the size of a grape, if yours is bigger then a closed or open surgery may not be your best option, a lot of people don't recommend them anyways but it's up to you and what your comfortable with. This was my first surgery ever and I was scared out of my mind so closed surgery scared me the least and I'm very happy with my results.

I'm sitting flat down right now writing this to you, with no pain, so yes, surgery can help and can get your life back to normal. It's also hard when people don't understand the pain. Luckily my mom had this issue as a teen and knew exactly what I was going through. Even though you don't have anyone in your personal life that understands this, all of us here do and we're always here to help and encourage!
Seriously, thank-you so much for answering me and making me feel welcomed. :) I know, I don't exactly know what surgery I will be having I will have to update when I know! But, reading that you're sitting down and with no pain makes me feel a lot better!! I'm not by any means new to surgery, haha I had surgery on my knee (reconstructive) and it still bothers me to this day (4 years later). I was pretty scared that this surgery would be the same outcome. So, I'm very happy knowing that this will get better after surgery, as if it never even happened!!
Also, does anyone know or remember how LONG it took for their surgeon to call them to schedule an appt.!?! I feel like I'm just staring at my phone to ring, I just seen the doctor yesterday and he said he was sending a referral to the surgeon. I was thinking the surgeon would have called me by now!!
Your welcome! Yes, definitely let us know what kind of surgery you'll have because then you can get a clearer answer on healing time, every surgery can be different. Lol your definitely not new to surgery to then which is good, just the nerves from hearing you need surgery is enough to scare some people away. I was terrified, I was able to be awake for my surgery, if I had to be asleep and have an IV and all that, honestly I probably would've put the surgery off. I'm a big baby. When researching this, much like anything else, you see a lot of negative experiences because people come on the Internet to ask about issues and bad things, you don't see as many people come on the Internet to say good things. A lot of us here are proof that it's gets better!