First time post, seeing Dr. Sternberg soon.

Hello everyone, I've been lurking these forums for quite a bit now and decided it's time to say hello and share my ongoing story.

I'm a 29 year old male, my first PC happened around 10 years ago. Back then I would use Mupirocin Ointment USP 2% along with hot showers and the cyst would pop on its on painlessly, once they popped I always tried to squeeze out as much as possible and it "worked for about a year .

So that period wasn't very bad at all, problem started when one time my cyst just grew bigger and bigger and I had to be taken to the ER barely able to stand or walk, and definitely not able to sit. The very knowledgeable gentlemen that drain my cyst at the ER insisted that the lancing didn't need any kind of anesthesia and it wouldn't be to bad, yeah right. I screamed and cried, my face was pale wait (I'm a fair colored Hispanic) I had blurred vision for a while and had to use a wheelchair to get out of there.

From that time to today I've had around 8 more lancings, they were done by either dermatologist or family doctor, always with local but most of the time with just as much pain minus blurred vision and wheelchairs. The last lancing I had was just over a month ago, after 3 years of not seeing the cyst and thinking it was gone. This lancing was quite painful, I screamed so hard and tears just came out of my eyes, to say it's traumatic would be an understatement.

So now about a month later I once again have this cyst, it's pretty huge but the pain level is actually tolerable. Another good news, I'm in San Francisco and will see Dr. Sternberg on Tuesday. I'm hoping he can evaluate and do surgery on me without having to send me to the ER for a lancing. I would love to hear from someone who got a cleft lift while having a big abscess as well.

Lastly I just want to say thank you to everyone who contributes to this website, most people and even doctors seem to think of PC as just a butt pimple, but it's quite more than that and when most of the research on cures talk about making a big hole in your back and leaving it open, its pretty hellish.

I'll continue to update my process and plan to stick around to hopefully share my clet lift success story and tell people to stay away from dermatologists when it comes to this.

Thank you all! :)