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Hi friends,

So unfortunately I'm new to the pilonidal world but have been doing as much research as humanly possible. This will sound familiar but I'll tell my story anyway in case that helps. A week ago I had what felt just tailbone soreness but I didn't think too much of it because I sit all day long studying. It progressively got worse over the weekend and i finally noticed a small bump Sunday night. I thought it was just a boil until it was so bad I knew something was wrong. I was told it was a pilonidal cyst when I went to Urgent care on Monday but that it was too small to lance it. I was given antibiotics and sent on my way. The next day it doubled in size so I went to a different urgent care where she felt it was too big for her comfort and sent me to an er to have it lanced. It was then packed and I was told to follow up with a surgeon 2 days later. So Thursday he took the packing out and basically told me to stuff a corner of the gauze in the incision site ever day so it heals from the bottom up. So here is where I have a couple questions that I can't find any really good answers to anywhere. First, it's relatively small compared to what everyone else here is describing so I apologize in advance if I sound like a wimp. The incision is so small that it's very difficult to get gauze in and out. When we do manage to get it in, we can get about an inch deep and MAYBE a quarter of an inch wide if that but probably less. We've been trying to get as deep as possible to hopefully prevent the sides from healing in and forming a pocket but it's soo painful to wiggle through the incision and is DEF more than what the surgeon told us to do. Just wondering if any of you with smaller pc stuffed all the way down or just put a tip of the gauze in to keep the skin/top open? Any suggestions on how to make this easier? Can the gauze be wet before putting it down my tiny incision? The congealed blood makes it rough taking it out. How long did it take for the smaller ones to heal? Did it leave a sinus in its wake? For those that did have small cysts they packed, how long were you comfortable leaving the packing out? It's the only time I have relief but am scared if it's out too long, will cause problems. Sorry for all the questions, it's hard finding people who are in the same situation since it seems like my incision from the lancing was waaaay smaller than everyone elses.


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He told you just the tip of the gauze to keep the top of the wound from closing in. When any wound is packed, it is to be pack shallower each time so that the healing process can heal from the inside out. The tip of the gauze inserted will simply keep the top (incision) from healing shut before the inside. You should NOT pack if deep every single time. Follow your doctors instruction and don't panic. My lancing incision was so small that my follow up with the surgeon he told me he's not going to repack it because my incision was so small that it would be too painful. I too worried that it would heal prematurely on the outside and form a pocket. But, it didn't. So don't worry. Just listen to the doctor.


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You are blessed to have a small incision. I had a small one and my whole journey went very smooth. My closed excision surgery was only 5 stitches. I hear a lot of people have over 20 all the way down to the anus. And one girl had some of her tailbone removed and had like 30 stitches and she had a successful story. I tell you this so you can calm down and breathe and relax. I was just like you with overthinking. It'll be okay.
Thank you so much for getting back to me krisrenee! You're totally right though, I'm worrying and overthinking everything. I'm doing my best not to! :cool: