First Timer

Hi guys, Newbie here so be gentle!

Will try make a long story short:

- I'm 34 years of age
- I've had a pilonidal sinus for around 20 years
- Antibiotics and creams seemed to do the job in my teenage years
- Was on the NHS waiting list for surgery (told up to two years) when I was 19/20
- NHS phoned me saying the had a cancellation nit only gave me a days notice so no good
- Dealt with blood and pus on a daily basis on some tissue paper I put into my boxer shorts from 20/21 and had done so until Christmas this year
- 2/3 bad flare ups a year which I could deal with although far from ideal
- Hair and a lot of blood just before Christmas
- Been using scrub on the area since Christmas
- Only blood/pus on one day since the above

Anyway, so much for a short story!

Been on my mind for a while re surgery and I've been reading this and other forums. My work have Private Healthcare so bit the bullet and visited a Hall of Fame Consultant yesterday thinking he'd say yes, let's operate.

Well he didn't say this at all. Had a good look, I told him my story and he said to leave it for now. I mentioned the 'c' word and he said it could/can happen but it's VERY rare!

So basically if everything stays as it is then I've to leave it. He did mention a new operation that they don't yet have access to - a camera with small scissors/scraper that they put on through the sinus. Anyone heard of this?

Thanks for listening and sorry for the rant. Was just surprised he said to leave it.

Thoughts? Comments?




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That's terribel SBS, sorry to hear. It really seems all about timing to get these things treated... timing for the infection and timing to meet the correct medical professional. It's not right that you have to deal with blood and puss continually. The surgery itself can be pretty traumatic, so possibly he has reasons to try and avoid that for you?

Anyway good luck! Tissue may not be the best thing... can you get combine pads. (These are much easier with trunks not boxer shorts)