Fluid buildup after surgery

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Hi everyone. Has anyone experienced extreme fluid buildup after surgery? 1st surgery was closed without a drain and it broke open because of the fluid buildup. Second surgery was because of an abscess (got the wound vac w/second surgery). Third surgery was a cleft lift.

With cleft lift - Surgery on Thursday. Drain out on Monday. Broke open on Wednesday. 5 needles later and numerous draining episodes we are 4 months out almost. We now have continuous drainage because the top part of the incision fills with fluid and comes out an opening in the lower 1/2 of the total incision.

The only difference between now and right after surgery is that the surgeon tried silver nitrate about 10 days ago.

Failed surgery? Does it just need more time to heal? Another surgery needed? What do you all think?

boy i'm quite puzzled and have questions myself. was the cleft done by someone off the list? and secondly how long after the cleft did the fluid build up?

i think fluid is never a good thing but thats not to say this will be a failed surgery.
Hmmm. I don't know either. I know after my first surgery, the wound was still draining a lot and the surgeon said it was a bad sign and that is how I ended up with my second surgery and a wound vac...This is starting to sound familiar.
Roxanne, I am so sorry that your daughter hasn't healed yet. I can imagine how you feel. :(
I know your daughter's doctor is a great doctor with a lot of experience doing cleft lifts. Maybe you can suggest that he asks for a consultation with Dr. Bascom by the telephone. It's not that you don't trust him but maybe Dr. Bascom have had another patient with the same problem and can give him some ideas. Dr. Bascom is the best, you know. I have read of many people here who have consulted with him without problems.
Good luck !!!!!!!!! :)
fluid buildup

I sent an email to Dr. B in Oregon. I didn't hear back from him. We have an appt on Monday. I'm told it may be fluid buildup only or a non healing area like before. We are to discuss her options. Of course, the minute I call the doctor the drainage slows and the incision starts to buildup again without draining.....I'll let you know what I find out.
fluid buildup

Almost forgot to answer the questions in the first post. She had a drain from Thurs to Mon. By Wednesday she broke open the first time. 3x needles and numerous drainage episodes later and we are 4 months out. She had the first surgery - closed no drain, broke open & formed abscess. Second surgery with wound vac that closed the wound down to 1 1/2 inches wide & deep by about 5 inches long. Cleft lift for the 3rd surgery. She has fluid buildup issues with all of the surgeries. I would like the surgeon to discuss with Dr. B but I don't want to offend him by making that suggestion. Does that make sense. I really just want her fixed (age 13). Today the drainage is slowing down because the top part of her incision is filling up again. Need help......
It makes sense to me. I would feel the same way because he is a very nice doctor. Let's hope he comes with good options for her. I am sure he is as worried as you or even more with this situation.
Good luck on Monday and have a happy Mother's Day. Keep us posted. :)
second cleft lift

Hello everyone,
We go back for a second cleft lift in June. I'll keep everyone posted.

P.S. Mom in New Jersey - I can't send messages until you delete some of your stored ones. Thanks.
Wow, I just realized reading this that I am 5 months post op and still worried about my butt, hmm...

Last month, a strange boil-like "thing" developed on my closed incision surgery site (first surgery). Went to the surgeon, he cut it open, there was some pus and then it drained blood and yellowish liquid for a week or so, then kept trying to scab over. My constant motion seemed to be slowing the process, but I figured it would close up.

Yesterday, it seemed just about done...a little bumpy feeling, but I figured it was just a small scar I'd have to live with. Today, it's open again, it bled a little, and the yellow liquid is back. Ugh.

No pain, but yes, 5 months post-op and I'm apparently still experiencing some draning. At this point, as long as it doesn't hurt, I'm avoiding too many doc visits because it's crunch time at my job as a teacher (exams are coming and my 12th graders are trying to do well and graduate, of course). I've just decided to wait, and "live with it" for now at least, unless it becomes red, swollen, or painful.
Jake's mom,

Unfortunately a few people do need a second cleft lift......which is disappointing.

But you can be happy knowing that in Dr. Bascom's case studies, ALL healed after the second lift.

I'm sorry your daughter has to go through this again, but since the first cleft lift only needs a minor fix, this second one should be a piece of cake.

Keep us updated!
2nd cleft lift

Even though she needs a second cleft lift - I would do it again in a heart beat. She was able to sit on her butt within a few days of surgery. With both of her previous surgeries she was still struggling to do that 3 months OUT! Thank you all for your support. We will let you know how it goes.
I think I had something similar, I had surgery in Aug 08 where the surgeon crossed the line I had an closed excision and had sutures in place to close the wound, The surgeon made an incision near to my tail bone till near my back passage area.

I had 2 wounds the top one used to have a habit of opening and whenever it used to split open it used to have a lot of fluid. This happened a few weeks after surgery as the surgeon only left the bottom wound open the top wound opened itself and it had a lot of fluid as it kept opening up.

This happened several times and at that moment I was not eating at all my and I was not using any honey dressings, However my wound did used to heal then fluid used to build up and it used to open.

Finally I had an incision to the top wound only (as i have 2 wounds) in Jan 09 and then it healed late Feb and fingers crossed it will not open up.

I found that eating red meat and sheep's meat and red meat helped dry up my wound i cannot stress further how much it helped me. I also had my treatment room nurses use normal saline and they washed my wound like nobody's business which also contributed to help the fluid build up to decrease.

I don't know if this is your daughters case but i hope this info helped.
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