fungus ? any idea Plz

Today after I took a shower and when I was drying my midline cleft with a towel felt some burning then I notice that my skin was broken and see little reddish area in the midline maybe I overdo cleaning I dont know is it some kind of rashes or fungus , this issue I have today is not in the incision site it is down in the middle cleft lift I hope it will not form an other pilo . is that true if you have a broken skin in this area it will form to pilo ?


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Hey man!
I know I've already kinda discussed this with you on texting but I figured I'd respond on here because why not lol.
Yeah man I def think it could be from you over doing the cleaning. I know it's tough to not want to constantly mess with it and clean it. Sometimes the best thing to do is just do enough to keep it clean, then just leave it alone and let it do its thing healing wise.
I always had issues when I would be overdoing it or tending to it too much.
For example, with my current cleft lift recovery I was following some tips I heard on here about cleaning, putting a gauze on the area, etc.
Well that just caused some ripping and irritation lol.
I've left it alone and given I can't see the area, I'm confident it's almost closed.
I just let water run down it, and not mess with it at all bro.

Also broken skin probably wouldn't (I know the worry though). As long as it's not deep or hugs then it should heal up on its own with it being left alone.

Good luck bro and text me if you need anything.