Giving up all hope

I have had a piliondial abcess for over 10 ten years, it causes both sides of the cleft of my buttocks to swell up to arounds 3 inches each side. it always requires an incision and drainage on both sides and weeks of daily dressing. up until 2 years ogo I was getting it every couple of months but finally thought it had gone. oh no! it is back with a vengeance! I am absolutely dreading the operation as I had a reaction to anaesthetic so have to have a epidural. and then I am faced woth weeks of painful dressings. what can I do to stop this, it is ruining my life! the surgery were going tox do corrective surgery but are unsure as the scars at the moment are so massive that they will have to remove too much skin and tissue that I will basically be a human cup holder if I bend over. Wish I had found this group before as I have felt very alone throughout this and many people attribute abcess witb being dirty...which I am not! Any suggestions on other operations that don't require packing or corrective procedures or general advice? thanks in advance
The cleft lift/closure seems to be the best choice from what I've read, I'm going to see Dr Senapati in Portsmouth on 14th March to see about getting the cleft lift, I'm from Durham so will be travelling a long way, I do feel she's my only hope of ever beating this thing.


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Hi Sarah I had one for even longer than that and it did what yours has eventually done.. for the last time. I'd be interested if they think a cleft lift is suitable to that situation. Mine got massively inflamed, went to ED, got an incision, two weeks later it got slightly infected while still packing it. Went back to ED, they recognised all the tracks and did a large excision (25cm scar). 4 months later I'm almost healed and I can still see more of it, and expecting to get more cut out...
Even if they saw there was more during the recent surgery I don't think they would have been able to cut out that much flesh in one go...
I think it was always going to go this way with a few surgeries to clean it all up after so long developing.

It's the best thing I finally eventually got forced into getting help.
You can see her for the initial consult via the private route she would then ask if you wanted to proceed going private or she would be willing to do the cleft lift for you on the nhs which would then involve you having to see your gp to get a referral to nhs portsmouth hospital, would take i think 2-3 months on waiting list via the nhs route but is possible