Guide to dealing with a pilonidal using the NHS

I don't have much advice that hasn't already been written, but I'm still at college so I get my prescrip for free (and I still will after college due to my epilepsy - I get an exemption certificate).

My point is, that if you get free prescription, don't be guilty about taking advantage of it!
If I didn't have free prescrip then my dressings and antibiotics over the last year would have cost me a bomb!

In the NHS (or at least where I live) nurses can do prescriptions for dressings, they just need to get a doctor to sign it.

Another point, nurses will be cheeky - asking you to bring your own dressings to appointments. In my opinion, this is naughty, because I've seen the store cupboard and they have plenty.
2. Don't assume that any referral letter will arrive at its intended destination. If you haven't heard from the hospital for a week or so, call their bookings office to check that you are on their system. It took one snailmail and two faxes before The Queen Alexandra Hospital (Portsmouth) received my referral - thanks mainly to the breathtaking incompetence of their colo-rectal secretary.
Sad to say that almost 3 years on and this is still the case. My referral was lost for over a month until it was chased up by my GP surgery who had to re-fax it to prove it had originally been sent. I only found out it hadn't gone through after a letter relating to my treatment sent by my GP after the referral recieved a very quick reply stating they did not have me listed as a patient. There are some serious communication issues at the QA in Portsmouth.
hi any thoughts on the use of antibiotics, the first major flare up was treated with two weeks of antibiotics which towards the end was working, decreased symptoms and swelling by 90%. 10 days later major tenderness again and a return to the gp resulted in 6 week course of antibiotics. (today) is that usual? 6 weeks antibiotics seems excessive i thought, are they just passifiying me due to the usual lack of resources in the nhs? I'm not keen on abusing antibiotics but if its normal then no problem. anyone have experience ?
thanks dean
If you struggle with exudate or blood leaking through, ask the nurse and they will teach someone close to you the aeseptic technique and packing procedure so they can change it for you between DN call outs or practice appointment. Be aware... this means you can't skip your appointments because it needs to still be assessed, but it does mean you don't have to put up with the leaking until your next appointment
Hi Guys,

please excuse the vagueness of my post but I am really new to this and the terms.

I dont know what to do.
  • I had modified Bascom procedure on the 18.01.17. which left me with 2 large inciscions one on either cheek and a scar in the center where I had stitches
  • after 8 weeks it looked like it was still open and a hole had appeared in between my buttocks where they had stitched.
  • In Feb The Surgeon at Royal South Hants. Told me to leave it for 2 months and see if it cleared up. Appointment booked for end of april
  • So week commencing 20.03.17 saw my GP very good Dr Plumtree in Fareham and she told me to go and see Asha Senapati at QA but the appointment is not until the end of May
  • I am genuienly really optimistic and happy like an annoyingly 99% of the time but this is really starting to drag me down.
Should I go to Southampton Straight away or wait for the QA Appointment? any help would be great
i too was put to sleep. i was a bit upset as when i came round i was left on my back, which was so sore. i did not know what they had doe eg stiched me or what but did find out the next day when i was sent for a bath and told to stay there untill the stuffing came out. to my discust and shock a worm shaped blood coverd thing flowted to the surfece. lol. 9 months of the nurse packin it, i did ask for a nurse to come to my home but was told no, my mum did it at weekends. i was a single mum on benifits i couldnt aford 3.80 every day for the bus to the drs. i missed to much of my college course and failed the exam. i did phone someone and ask if i could get re imbursed for the travile and again was told no. i just dont seem to have any luck with my drs. xxx[:^]
I feel for you, sad that you failed your exam. This condition can really wreck things for you. I hope that your condition has improved.