Hair removal post op

Hey all! Had my sinus surgery about 4 weeks ago now, open wound. Getting it stuffed daily and seems to be healing well.

When is it the right time to start hair removal cream around the area to lower its chance of coming back? ASAP or when it's closed?

Thanks in advance


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Hi mss,
I've been asking myself the same question. I've ordered some body groomer type shavers. But for now, I'm letting the nurses shave the area directly around the wound and won't shave it myself due to fear of dropping hair into it.

I had an open wound surgery too should recover in about a months time..
Don't use any hair removal cream as it will just irritate the skin since its not healed properly I suggest wait for it to heal or use a new clean razor of you really want to get rid of the hair.
I`m 37 and always been hairy back there, but I´ve seen worst cases than mine. I´ve seen two surgeons who advised me to remove the hair in the cleft area, but I´m not sure, at least there are no visible hairs coming out of the pit (maybe they are really deep inside?), I don´t want to damage the skin and maybe create a new one, also not sure about laser therapy since I have sensitive skin and ingrown hair could be a risk too specially when you sit, and I have an office job so I sit quite a long time even though I try to stand up a little everytime I can. A groomer sounds like a good idea but trimmed hairs sometimes can be quite hard and can easily get back into the skin. Not an easy decission to make
Anyway it´s been a month since my pit developed a bump to a side of the left buttock, there´s fluid in there but no pain, no infection, no fever or redness..don´t know how long I will have to wait for this to come to the surface to be lanced or maybe reabsorbed, maybe I should rush things up by applying a heat pad or sit baths, last surgeon told me to wait and see, he thinks it´s not ready for surgery yet