Hats off to decent doctors

Just had my first lancing. With all the stuff I've read online about rough, even barbaric, doctors, I just have to say that the man who took care of me today supplied me with enough anaesthesia so that when they cut me all I felt was a welling up of fluid. Since a lot of people are concerned about the pain of the procedure, I wanted to share my experience. Yes, the anesthetic needle hurt. A lot. My doctor did, however, try to inject the anesthetic around the perimeter of the infection (I believe) and he filled me up with about 80 mililitres of the stuff (I didn't catch the name). He also worked it in slower whenever I cried out in pain, then waited a full five minutes before prodding me gently with a needle to find out if I still felt any pain. Only when I was completely numb did he pick up the scalpel.

Every health-care system is different (I'm Norwegian) and every doctor has his/her own degree of empathy. I'm probably not the only one here who read too many horror stories and lay down for the drain with a racing heart, but let me just assure you that there are doctors out there who want to spare you unnecessary pain. I've got surgery in six weeks, and I'm both dreading the excision and looking forward to getting rid of this thing once and for all. I have no idea what lies down the road, but if I've got the right idea from other stories I've read, the worst could very well be over.