Healed 1 Year Post-Op

I am a 30-year-old male who underwent a marsupalization procedure in October 2010 in Toronto. I wanted to report back on my progress more than a year later, because I feel as though I need to give back to this wonderful site that provided me with so much information, knowledge, and most importantly, courage to finally go through with the surgery.

A bit of history: I am pretty sure I had a pilonidal lump since I was around 16-years old. I always thought it was from a malformed spinal cord, but since it was never causing any pain, I ignored it. A few times in my early twenties, I noticed "twinges" down there, most often, when I was playing sports or engaged in some sort of intense physical activity (i.e. from sweating). I wasn't until I was 28, while playing basketball that I noticed that something was growing down there. My older brother recently had surgery for a "hole" on his backside, so I thought this might be related. My family doctor confirmed a few days later that I had a pilonidal cyst. I was prescribed antibiotics and sent on my way.

That is when I ended up on this site. All in all, this site is a god-send. I encourage all pilonidal suffers to read all the information on this site - including posts from other forum members, because there is such a breadth of information here. I absorbed the information on this site for 2 years before finally making the decision to have surgery. Unfortunately, since I live in Canada, a cleft lift was not an option for me (either was pit-picking) -- I even contacted Dr. Bascom, who provided me with some leads, but after 50+ calls to different doctors in Ontario, I couldn't find any who could perform either of the "conservative techniques". So I opted to go with a colon-rectal surgeon (who is a member of the colo-rectal surgeons of Canada) who recommended marsupialization - for those who don't know, this is when they stitch the sides of the wound to prevent it from closing, but it also makes the wound swallower so that packing is not required.

At the end of the day, I was healed within 8 weeks. I performed daily sitz baths and had a home-care nurse monitor the wound. My surgeon was fantastic, so my advice for all suffers is to FIND A COLO-RECTAL surgeon. Finding a reputable and well-learned surgeon is the first step into beating this disease. Its been over a year since my surgery and I've had no complications. I play competitive sports again and feel as though I've gotten my life back.

Thanks to Sasha and everyone on this site for your support and all of the useful information.

All the best and happy new year!
Just a quick note to say that I'm still fully healed 3 years post-op. I play active sports several times a week with no movement problems and barely even think about the surgery on my backside that I experienced 3 years ago.
So glad to hear your procedure went well. I too live in canada and had a very complicated (my colo rectal surgeon called it the worst ever she has sen) case of Pilonidal cyst. There were many tunnels and oozing lesions. Long story short, because I was not happy with how she was dealing with it and the amount of time it was taking to get something scheduled, I came to India to get a more custom procedure done. I wish I could have gotten a better doctor or surgeon to look at me in canada.

May I know the name of your surgeon if in case this recurs and I need to go to someone in the future?
Almost 7 years and still fully healed!
Hi there,

Thanks for posting! I am due to have marsupilization as well! Really scared but I have to do something since my pilonidal sinus is very active and comes back every month, earlier this year it was every week or two. However as far as I understand I will still need to have dressings changed. Maybe your sinus was not deep enough for packings? My colorectal surgeon told me that it does not seem to have a complicated case even though he can perform a cleft lift as well but did advice marsupiliazation. And thought to trust the doctor