Healed ! Thank you so much Pilonidal.org !!!

It feels totally unreal to write it - but I am FINALLY healed and out of here! It took 5 months then an undissolved stitch appeared and everything healed just fine. I have not written much in the forum, but I have read a lot and I am so grateful to the site. I would not be healed if not for the site and the forum!


I come from Sweden and I have still not heard of anyone perfoming the cleft lift there (the non-USA list is still blank!). It was not easy to convince oneself that something you read in a forum on the Internet is the truth and not what the surgeon is telling you. In 2005 I asked my 1st surgeon when I could go back to sports: "Don't worry son you will be up and running again in no time - 2 weeks maybe".

In the end I had to move to Denmark to get the surgery I needed. And I am so glad I did.

The end of the pilo era is easily the best thing that has ever happened to me. I look forward so much to finally get on with my life. The 1st thing I did after healing was to buy a bicycle - nobody gets why I smile so much riding it.

Guess getting fit again is high on the priority list too. And so nice to not having to explain to women you meet why you have a bandage on your ass! I think I actually look forward to scar-related questions. I do not consider the flattened cleft to be a problem - I think I like it since it is what finally cured the pilo :)

KR Johan