Heard of cyst in panty line area? Help...

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I have a friend that has a lump of somekind in here panty line. Right where your underwear seam hits. Has anyone heard of this or had this and is it a "pilonidal"? I thought pilonidal cysts were just at the natal cleft....she's going to a doctor today. It's been painful and has switched from undies to boxers to keep pressure of it. It popped a couple weeks ago and went down in size; blood and pus; but last night it started oozing alittle clear liquid and is very sore. It looks like a tiny hole for the opening. Just looking for some advice on how to help her. I'm guessing if it's not labeled as a pilonidal cyst it's just an ordinary cyst. She's had it for a year only recently has it gotten more painful. Felt like a hard pea size bump until it popped and she drained it a couple weeks ago, now it's flatter.
Any advice???


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It is likely just a regular abscess/boil, which may need to be lanced and packed to heal if it's this bad. I get small ones myself from time to time in the exact same spot. Some of us are much more prone to them for the same reasons we are prone to Pilonidals. If it has formed a sinus it may be taking the form of a cousin of Pilonidal, Hidradenitis Supperativa, which forms abscesses and sinuses and tends to like the warm, dark areas of the body like skin folds.

I'd have her go see a dermatologist....
Out of curiosity, with cysts/abcesses like this, are they like PC's in that you also have to get them surgically permanently removed. I don't have any other cysts, but I was curious if all cysts/abcesses had to be surgically removed.
Well, went to the doctor and he said that it is a cyst/abcess that has scarred up from poking and proding over time and that it probably came from a blocked pore. Trying antibiotics now and see how that goes. If that doesn't do it then off to the dermatologist for removal. It's only in the skin so it doesn't go deeper like the pc's. Thank God!
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