heightened bleeding/redness

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Hey all, been crawling this site for a few weeks and now I have my own questions.

First of all, I'm curious how hard everyone jams that gauze in to be sure that it fully plugs the wound. My biggest fear is that I will not successfully prevent a bridge. My wound is about 3 inches in diameter and about 2 inches deep ( I think ). I've noticed a decrease in the amount of gauze I can pack only a week and a half after surgery. Nothing too drastic however.

Also, today I noticed that there was an increase in bloodflow after removing my dressing that was never there before. Usually the pad I use to prevent leaking is mildly soaked with pinkish fluid. Today there was significantly more. Could this be related to new flesh/blood vessels?

Unfortunately, I have to return to college on Wed and will not be able to visit my surgeon anymore. So I just wanted to check this stuff out.

Also, as a brief survey...

Who here packs their own wound? I've found it to be much better than letting someone else do it. I know what pushes my pain buttons and am able to do it fairly quickly now.

Also, did anyone invest in any sort of specialized cushion/seat/pillow? Did it help?
Probably wouldn't drag it around from class to class, might seem a little odd, and God knows I'm sick of explaining my "condition".

If you're in the Minneapolis area and need this procedure done, my surgeon was awesome. He did 4 other college students the same week as me. Let me know if you'd like his name.
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