Hello my name is William! This is My Story Please Read

My name is William age 32 Jetski/Boat Mechanic from Georgia. I been wanting to post for years. This is my first post I have had issues for 9 years and am in processes of obtaining a Doctor and Specialist for the first time. Wish me Luck.

This is my Story.

Over the last 9 years in life I have exsperiance and delt with cyst coming up on my rear. With out any professional help. I have been most my life in the lower income status and not having a good steady/paying /benfit job are any inssurance or goverment / charity help and no family or friends that could help. I had been left suffering for years not by choice.
I couldnt afford or find any help to get to a specialist are even a reguler doctor for that matter. I graduated high school but never made it to college " wish I did more to better my carrere " . I spent 12 years going thru part-time jobs - low paying full time jobs. and unfortuantly i been unable to provide for my self health care.

it`s not till recently the last 3years I obtain a stedy decent full time job. it`s only $11.40 hr take home but thanks to the recent $1 raise I been able to obtain a $400 month health inssurance plan . The govement is helping with half of the premiume bill ever month to reduce cost I give them thanks for that. I work hard to get to this point and now I have a fighting chance where once before it was just a wish and dream.
I worked very hard over the years to save up money to help pay for the non premiuem medical cost aswell . I dont know if I will have enof saved up yet
but im working on it.

You can almost cut your arm off and get the emergancy room to attach it back and they bill you later " figure speech".But when you have conditions like pilinidol cyst where you need a specialist and or real help your out of luck

Its very hard For alot low income people who dont have health inssurance and cant afford a doctor vist.
In my area/state unless your a elder / woman or child or have stds,cancer you cant find much assitance or programs. In my situation I tried for years and years to get help and nothing.
For thous of us who have worked hard for inssurance or have any assitance should consider yourself very thankful that your not optionless. Pray for the people who need help that cant and wont be able to.

I will post my history on my 2nd post. Thank you for reading about me. If you are still reading all this lol
it means you care and I thank you for that please be paitance with my longg writeings and bad grammer.

My first doctor vist will be in just a few days to verfy and confirm what im 100% sure I have.
Just past few months of reading everything on this site and off and recently figureing out more about pilinidol and stop being
shy to ask someone to look at my crack! They/I discover 2 pin size holes deep in my cleft "pits" which is about 3inchs from the
site of my cyst which is always in same spot.
Just the past few months of reading everything on this site and off and recently figuring out more about what pilonidal is I stop being
shy and ask someone to look at my crack! They discover 2 pin size holes deep in my cleft "pits" which is about 3inchs from the
site of my cyst which is always in same spot. They took close ups and I confirm this with pictures from this site.

This is my history It is not 100% complete and accurate. I did not properly record ever incident but by my best guess
and judgment here is my history.. I to add a few possible links. I have always had a what i consider a
deep cleft. when healthy and no signs of cyst for weeks/months. I find that when working hard
and laboring/bending a lot seems to trigger the start of the the beginning phases and sometimes when relaxing and resting
it seems to disappear at lest in the past not so much any more. this has been a trend.

I always had acne white/black heads / ingrown hair issues and hair root infections tried to treat it with creams/antibiotics
in the past during teen and early adult hood with no results. starting around 2005/2006 I begin to get boil/rise in my thigh areas between my legs
that never got truly identified by a real doctor to this day I can randomly still get one in the same areas but not as bad or infected and usely
heals before anything really boils or rises. Between 2005/2006-2008 seemed to be the worst
of flare up. I went to the er a few times and they would lance and pack and tell me to lose weight and use proper hygiene .
I have always taken long hot 1/2 - 45min showers bathing with dial gold bar head to toe 2 to 3 rinse and lathers so I felt hygiene was not a factor
Weight because of chafing i could halfly agree on because I would get them no matter if i walked a 1/4mile within a week total boo legged to
prevent rubbing or walked 10miles. there been plenty hot summer days with lots activity and no boils. so that kind of throws the weight issue out on a limb.

2007-2008 was one of my first Pilonidal rise/boil/cyst It had got so bad and lasted so long that I had to make a ambulance call
to get transported to hospital. I was in bad pain and could not sit lay or hardly move around this was
the most intense sharp pains ever experience with cyst. The hospital said it was almost about to burst
and all they did was poke/squeeze it till it drain and gave me some antibiotics with instruction to see
my primary care doctor which i had none at the time.

2008-2013 I had experience a few flare ups. I could fill them starting by filling some inflammation in the area
most of the time I would find that I would mostly only get them when bending a lot or a lot hard labor work It
would seem to go away and heal it self if i would lay down and rest for a day or two. If I didn't than it would
continue to grow and form into a cyst that drain I cant remember exact number but will guess that I had
about 8 times I would rest and it go away and about 3 or 4 times it form all the way.

2014 I had experience 1 or 2 full flare ups and about 6 or 7 times where i felt it coming and laid out a day or 2

2015 is the worst year. The first half of the year I experience 1 full flare ups about 3 times coming on.

Between May - Oct 2 flare ups and 4 or 5 coming ons. In Aug A Grinder blade exploded and Cut my arm. I went to er. A
cyst was coming on again and I ask for er to look at it they cut it open in 2 spots each side cleft and packed it.
They got next to no drainage after cutting mostly blood. I was in real pain next few days and return to er I could barely walk.
They pull out packing and it started to drain fluids they did not repack ...

By Mid Sep thru Nov I had 2-3 more full flare up that seem to not form all the way and prematurely
drain thru the opening where they had cut me in er. They did not rise as big and did not drain rapidly then steady like before with blood but seem to
start pusing slowly over a few days with hardly no blood " i always felt that It was draining thru the er cuts cause the skin is so scared and thin
from all the years and it doesn't form and burst completely like before causing slow drainage and not completely healing/drain before skin wants to close back up.

Starting in Mid Nov thru Mid Dec I Had to perform hard labor
at work repeatly. This cause a total of 5 or 6 repeated full flare up and drain I mean as soon as it stop draining
and before it could heal for a day I would fill another one coming trying to rest was not helping. I took
off work for 2 weeks. this was during x-mas time. I was house bound with major fatigue not able to hardly walk
or sit. I spend alot time standing and laying on side.

I tried to go out house for few hours after 1st week to buy Christmas. I thought I gave my body a good resting and no lump was felt for 2days. BUT from the time i left
before lunch till time I took a shower that night a cyst had form/rised/and erupted i was shocked and devastated
I was depress losing faith scared and all kind of bad emotions. What is happening to me and why. over last 9 years

I have had easily around total 15-18 boils/cyst that erupted and about twice as many that healed before becoming one.

Please wish me luck in my quest for a answer and cure. I will keep you posted all the way to the end. I hope that this thread and my history
can help people and my self in the future. Thank you Pilonidal support alliance for this website and forum
for all of the useful information and doctor contacts. Thanks for reading Thanks for helping and Thanks for your support.

Current status- Awaiting confirmation from new doctor to be referred to specialist .
Current specialist list include

Dr. John S. Kennedy M.D. | F.A.C.S. Location: Atlanta, GA
Dr. Gregory Alan Delaurier a Colon & rectal surgery Location: Athens, GA
Dr. Harry Andres Liberman a Colon & rectal surgery Location: Atlanta, GA

These are the only Doctors so far found to do or herd of Bascom pit picking and cleft lift in the state that are currently here practicing
I will confirm this as I meet each doctor for consultation and will add more doctors to my list soon as I will be very firm on what procedure
I have done and who will do it.

Please be patient with me and thanks for following me. I will proof read and fix and correct errors soon thanks everyone.
Check out my updated list soon under the hall of fame for Georgia surgeons currently practicing as most have moved/retired/stop practicing for pilonidal/etc....
I've been to Dr. Kennedy and he wasn't that well versed in the cleft lift. He does mostly pit picking. I've also dealt with Dr. Liberman and I didn't really care for him at all. Someone posted that he is no longer practicing medicine and retired. I know there was a gentleman on this board that saw Dr. Delaurier. He did the cleft for him. I'd def. try him first and see what he says about it.
Thank you for the info. Dr Delaurier will be my first choice.

Liberman`s name has been around here and there more than others for the state and I have kept him in mind for consultation even after mix reviews.

Dr Liberman is now with Wellstar
800 Canton Rd NE, Marietta, GA 30060
(770) 424 - 4328

I am and have researched out of state doctors to perform the cleft lift including flying to organ to see Dr Bascom and meet My finances family.
I am also researching any cleft lift performing doctors within a 5-6 hr drive or 300-350 miles radiuses of where I live including the States of
Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Alabama and Florida.
Welcome to the world of Pilonidal disease! I'm 36 and have had this issue for 20 years. Flare ups, abscess boils that pretty much put me out of daily function… You just have to learn to live with it… or undergo what I have heard to be the worst procedure of all time to have it fixed, and that is not even a guarantee. I have had to have my abscess drained by my doctor a few times in the past, and since then, the scar tissue has been sort of a soft spot for drainage anytime i have a major flare up… So I just live with it… yeah it hurts, but I will never go back for an IAD and 2 days of follow ups to replace packing, worst pain in my life. In fact.. I'm flared up now… sucks… but I know in a day or so.. .it will drain and I'll be feeling just fine for a while… 3 months, 6 months, a year? … lol… lets not get greedy!