Help needed if anyone can offer any information!

Hi all, posted a few times on this very useful website regarding this horrible 'thing' I am now a month and a weed post of, I originally had the karydakis closed procedure but unfortunately the bottom section of the wound opened after the stitches come out. I have been having it packed daily for a few days now but the nurse told me today it would take about 3 months for the openings to heal. Is this true or is it quicker than this? He told me it was about 1cm deep and about 2 cm wide. And another tiny hole which are both connected.
Thanks again, hope you can provide any help possible for this.


Very Helpful
Sorry to hear that.
I'm actually in your same situation as well.
Yes, it will take probably that amount of time.
It def sucks it takes this long, but since the procedure is so successful it should heal up.
Patience is key (I even struggle with that too lol)
Thanks for the reply, im not the most patient person in the world just want to get back to playing football as I'm still 18 and do not enjoy sitting around all day!