Help please

hello everyone
I would like to thanks the creator of this forum because it has been very usefull to me and as I can see to many others too.

At the beginning I didn't that I had this problem and just ignored it but after that i kep feeling like some kind of liquids and a bit of blood was coming out.
I have a stupid GP who does not seems to know much about problems and stuff so instead of going to him I decided to search online what I was having.
There was this small hole which is the query I used to find about the problem :)
and after that I came out through this forum which has been very helpful in term of operations,specialist etc.

My questions are now if someone can clearly help me:

-Given that I don't wanna go though my GP ,is it possible to see a specialist through NHS or something?
-For sinus pilonidal what kind of specialist do I need to see?
-What kind of problems does sinus pilonidal gives, I heard stress and tiredness (which is something I have), but does it also affect posture/height and something else?
-I live in manchester and who would be the person person to see?

Thank you for the answers in advance
Hello problem,

Welcome to the forum, I am sorry you have a useless GP as I had a useless GP and I moved and now have a much better GP. You will have to see your GP and ask him to refer you to Miss Asha Senapati as she is a specialist who deals with these pilo's.

I don't think you can refer yourself so this will have to be done by your GP. If things are worse and you don't want to speak to your GP then you will have to get yourself to hospital and they will take it from there. I first had mine flare up in 2007 and I went to my local hospital and that is how I got my surgeon.

FYI Miss Senapati is on the NHS and she is a colo-rectal surgeon who performs cleft lift closures. It may not be you case that you have this type of surgery but she is one of the top UK specialists and deals with Pilonidal Sinuses.

To help things improving your posture is ideal but it won't sort out you pilo problems. If you have any questions I am a mouse click away.

Good luck and keep us posted.
Thank you very much ...
your answers have been very clear to me.
Yeah, I don't know , I mean at the moment I think I can live with it but again I do some excercises as well I don't want it to get worse.
yeah I do really don't wanna go through him, so basically if go to the hospital and say I am feeling pain and then they check it, will they be able to put me through the dr. senapati?
by posture and height I mean if someone has this sinus pilonidal, between all the symptoms that it gives like tiredness,fever, does it also affect the posture or the growth?
About the operations techniques I am very concerned becasue i have seen that all of them leaves bad scares and plus there is a need to stay in standby mode for a long period.
On this forum I have also seen that there is a new technique which is called something like pit picking and is the only one that seems to be very good to me and given me the reason to go ahead now.
So you think that doctors perform this technique?
problem;75773 said:
Furthermore I have seen that she lives far from manchester , will I have go there, is it there any good specialist in manchester ?
can someone tell me if there is a doctor in manchester and if is possible to go withouth consulting a gp?
Your GP will usually need to refer you, in the NHS you need a GP referral to get treatment unless you go private. There will be a colorectal surgeon they can refer you to in Manchester I'm sure, your GP will know best. They will probably not be a pilonidal specialist though.

The list of specialists is here:

The nearest ones to manchester are one in Leeds and one in Chesterfield, but still about an hour away I guess.

Hope that helps.