Here again!

Hi. I'm pleased that I found this forum. I'm currently waiting to see a doctor on the ward having given up on the pain and come to A&E at 3am.
I have a clitoral/vulval pilonidal sinus. Pretty rare apparently. The Internet says only about a dozen cases!
I first had pain and swelling at 18. Misdiagnosed/treated ending up in an ambulance trip and emergency surgery.
I then had reoccurrences and another couple of surgeries until it was properly diagnosed and treated by a large excision at age 34. In the interim I would some times do a little self surgery to prevent months of doctors and referrals and faffing about.
I'm now 41 and the little bugger is back. I'm so distraught at the thought of it again, especially as I have small children this time around. At the moment the morphine from the lovely A&E nurse is keeping the tears oF pain and frustration at bay.
So nice to pour this out!