Hey guys, I had a surgery this sunday.

I've dealing with this for about 4 months, last week it created an abscess, I went to a surgeon, and she opened the sinus , removed everything inside and cauterize the sinus wall. she did't removed the sinus at all. just left open. I only feel pain when my mom is cleanin it and making the bandage. Should I be worried about the recurring.


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Yeah good suggestion on stool softeners, but not a laxative like they gave me at one stage... or you will wipe your bum red raw ;>
Don't hold onto it... it's toxic... and it's only going to get bigger and badder ;> Everyone has the same fear.

Most people's experience here will say yes.... it will most likely re-occur. It's only been an incision and drainage (I&D).

Fun isn't it!!! oh well things could be worse.


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Stool softeners will help. Just relax. You didn't have surgery. You just had the lancing/I&D. You'll probably need a surgery soon following. Follow up with a rectal surgeon if you already haven't. I had surgery 7 weeks ago (closed excision) and even now whenever I have to really go #2 my incision feels so weird. And my incision is higher up. Funny how all that is connected. Best wishes to you with this journey. It's no fun.