Hi - New here

I finally joined this forum yesterday although I've been lurking for quite a while, this site has been an excellent source of information for me.

My story so far :

I'm a 42 year old male, my PS was first diagnosed about 15 years ago, at first my GP wasn't sure what it was and removed it at the surgery using a local anaesthetic, this of course did not cure me. When he discovered what it was he told me about the surgery required and advised me to try and live with it, (in hindsight maybe not good advice). I went along with this because tbh the thought of lying on my front with a gaping hole in my ass for 8 weeks scared the life out of me !

Anyway over the years the PS rarely gave me any trouble, just the occasional flare up which was soon sorted with a visit to the doc and a course of antibiotics together with meticulous personal hygiene.
Fast forward to October '09 and I now have a 10cm sinus to the left of my cleft and a 5cm sinus to the right. I then developed a large abscess at the top of my left butt cheek, (mildly painful, very uncomfortable) my new GP wanted to send me to hospital for treatment but as I was still very nervous about this we agreed to try antibiotics and these knocked the infection back a bit .
I then read about a colo-rectal surgeon in Derby who performs a treatment using Fibrin glue which minimises the surgery and reduces recovery time, so with a letter from my GP I arranged a private consultation with him. Unfortunately after examining me he said that the Fibrin treatment wouldn't be any good for me as 'there was too much there to deal with'. He said he would be prepared to perform a rhomboid flap procedure but I needed to get the abscess dealt with first at my local hospital as he wouldn't carry out any surgical procedure in the presence of an infection. This was in November '09. On Christmas eve the abscess started to drain and has been ever since - salt baths and dressings at the ready !! Fortunately I have a coccyx cushion and an inflatable neck pillow which when partly inflated is a godsend in the car !
My GP said I could go into hospital as an emergency admission but it would be better if I went on the wating list to see a colo-rectal specialist so yesterday I finally went for my appointment. The surgeon wasn't in clinic so I was seen by his registrar, he didn't do a proper examination, just had a quick look at the abscess. He then told me he would need to cut and drain it and he would do this under a general anaesthetic and I would be kept in hospital for at least 1 night and need daily packing and dressing changes from then on. (I also have a profound fear of general anaesthesia due to a couple of very bad experiences with dental extractions as a child)[8)]
He gave me a letter to take to the Emergency admissions unit next monday and said I would be treated by either himself or the consultant, I don't have a specific appointment - I just have to hang around until they are available to do the op! I can't have ANYTHING to eat or drink after midnight on sunday so by monday morning I'm likely to feel very lethargic and dehydrated. :(

Although I realise I must get rid of the infection before I can get the rest of it dealt with I'm worried they may do more than just drain the abscess and possibly cause complications further down the line. After reading the info on this site I see that the Cleft lift op is generally considered to be the most successful procedure and I would seriously consider getting this done as a private patient.
Unfortunately as I live in Wolverhampton there aren't any surgeons near me who perform this op so I may have to travel elsewhere
(any recommendations would be very welcome ).
When I mentioned the Cleft lift to the registrar he skirted round the subject as though he wasn't too familiar with it, and although he said they would need to excise the sinuses in the very near future, he didn't say what kind of procedure they would look at doing.

I really don't know whether to go ahead with the op on monday or whether to seek advice from someone who specialises in PS treatment, trouble is I don't really know where to start.
If anyone has any advice, recommendations or just reassurance it would be great help to me.
Sorry for the epic post but thanks for reading, as I said earlier this site has been a great source of info and knowing there are others in the same situation has been a big help. [o+o]
Welcome to the site Dave,

I really feel for you as you are a complicated case by all means. :eek: I want to start off by advising you to post on the main forums where you are most likely to get a number of posts and receive many replies by chance I saw your thread.

Have you had the abscess lanced so far? I would start with getting the abscess lanced and then seeing if there is a sinus with that abscess or any pits. I am sorry to tell you that its possible that this might be the case as it was left too long which is your old GPs fault.

Your other 2 sinuses you have to get them sorted after the abscess. There is a specialist who performs the Cleft Lift Closure but my main worry is if you are a good candidate. I would speak to her after you get a referral and see if she can help you.

If you cannot get the cleft lift I am sure she will be able to sort you out with an alternative surgery.

The top specialist in the UK for Pilonidal is:

Asha Senapati
Queen Alexandra Hospital
Portsmouth, Hants

023 92 286710

I know it is far as I have been to see her myself as she is my surgeon but its worth it trust me.

Good luck and Keep us posted