how long after lancing a cyst does it "drain" for?

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I had my cyst lanced for the second time in 2 years almost 2 weeks ago. (Monday Jan 12). There is still a bit of "goo" (not red but yellowy browny green, sorry if TMI) on the packing when I change it every night. Is this normal? when will this stop? I'm tired of putting dressings on it!
It's probably different for everyone...
I had a lancing done in september of 07 and had it packed for three months! It would not heal on its own and always had different colored goop on the packing. That's when I had surgery number 1- the skin needed to be cleaned out and the cyst needed to be removed!
My story is a little different but equally disappointing after a lancing. I had two done in '07 about a month apart to clean two different tunnels I had growing from a PC about 8 years old. The surgeon also removed the hair that was the original cause of my problem. In both cases the wound healed after 3 weeks but the abscess created another tunnel 3 or 4 weeks later and broke through the scar tissue of the first lancing. I was getting weekly flare-ups and drainage through the scar until I had a cleft lift in October '08. That procedure finally did the trick for me.

My son's lancing never healed, either. About two weeks after the lancing another draining cyst opened up far from the surgical site, but they were connected by a tunnel because when I pushed on the new cyst, white smelly drainage would flood the surgical wound from UNDER the skin.:eek:

We dealt with this for six months, six months of draining and packing, then decided to take UKCHUCK, we got the cleft lift. It did the trick for my son, also.[x0x]
It is a certain degree...but yellowey browney greeney goo isn't good lol. Infection is what it means. Then again...if it is more on the brown side...then its probably pus mixed with a bit of blood and drying. But yellowy greeney is infection. I remember every single day that I had to see nurses in town for my packing and dressing changes..they have these papers they have to fill out each and every time they see me...and one area on the papers asks what the pus color is... and there was Clear, Another word for clear and faint yellow which isn't bad..and then a few words meaning "Green = Very infected, Yellowy green = Same thing..and then Boggy = Extremely infected..grey brown and both green and yellow pus. I remember laughing and asking...what is "boggy pus" lol...she explained and I was horrified...anyways not meaning to scare you..but it could possibly be infection which on the pain scale.. you sometimes dont feel pain when things are infected. I hate to sound like I know everything to do with this but its been a long haul for me and a long time dealing with nurses and so on...I ask alot of things when i see them..maybe its a good thing haha. I can't stay when this problem for you is going to stop...but I am still seeing nurses in town every day for dressing changes...after 5 months of still recovering from my second surgery..and I am currently waiting to hear when my 3rd surgery is :( Hope you figure this out, I am sure you will be fine! [o+o]
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