how to prevent cyst to come back?

Ive been told that this problem cant be truly solved without surgery.i cant do it for next asking how to manage situation to not to go through antibiotics and drainage again?during last 2months problem started i had two series of infection and alot of antiiotics that has messed alot with my colon right u clean area?is epilation necessary eveyday? Everytime i take shower i feel sth might going into hole! Hole will stay there?should it be closed? Thanks
You're going to want to keep the area as clean as possible. Sitz baths and frequent showers are a good way of doing so (when you shower, make sure to wash out your anal cleft after washing your hair to take care of any stray hairs that may have fallen; basically, your last action in the shower should be to wash out the anal cleft to ensure nothing was trapped there during your shower).

Minimize the amount of time you spend sweating, as that creates a situation allowing the infectious bacteria to thrive. Keep your posture in mind, too. Sit up straight and minimize the pressure on your tail bone. If you don't have a coccyx pillow, get one.

This website maintains a list of good practices if you're trying to live with pilonidal disease:
Thanks so far it has been good but i noticed that the area becomes very very potent to inflammation each month im having my cycles. 3month i managed it but now it is end of may and i felt a bit of pain weird feeling last 4days. I immediately started to wash more area as it has been recommended and I put a bit of antibiotic cream(recommended by a nurse) on the area just to control a bit bacteria there. Nothing bumped there this time contrary to the first time i had it like a size of ping pong ball. no fever. that very small bearable pain faded in one day but the big pit at the midline has started to leak. sth maybe dark ish there. I dont like the idea of packing because as soon as i go dr, he will give me antibiotics. Is infection spreading? how i can realize it is an infection doing that i seriously cant figure out what is going on there(so out of rich to examine it in mirror). I thought myself if it is a closed cyst whatever size with only a way out- which has been previously widened by previous lancing-, so why being drained by itself is dangerous as some say? I mean the case is chronic so whatever i do this empty cyst would fill up every 3 4 months. if there was only a treatment out there to eat up the cysts wall to my scientific knowledge case would be resolved or sth to fill this cyst for ever somehow that no space remains for any other stuff to build up. Im really surprised that no innovative treatment exists currently
There are a bunch of things u can do, my cyst was dormant for 10'years after the lancing, recently writhing the last year it kept coming and getting inflamed rather than infected, I had the open surgery 11 days ago and am so happy with the surgery still not healed but it's a lower rate of recurrence after and possibly a complete cure! Do the surgery, it will keep coming back monthly no matter what u do! My one pit turned into 3 within a year
I kept it at bay a lot while waiting for surgery by buying an antibicrobial body wash, and a face wash and washing the area with both then after the shower I would make sure there was no debris there, or any of my hair - hope this helps