I hate my life right now because of my pilonidal cyst and butt discoloration

Are you really serious? Count yourself lucky that you don't have pain, drainage, etc. from your cyst. The discoloration may even be unrelated to the cyst. Regardless, I'm surprised that little bit of discoloration is causing such distress in your life. As a guy, I'm not sure I've ever worried about how my butt looks...

My advice would be to have the pilonidal definitively treated (you've only had a lancing so far, right?) by a surgeon (preferably a colorectal specialist) before it causes you bigger, more painful problems.
i know this is kind of off subject and hopefully doesn't come across tooooo insensitive but you should in some ways be thankful its not worse. your discoloration is really not that bad and could by far be much worse. i wish my son had your problem instead of what he does have. his whole body is covered in deep tissue scarring that is also white pigmented and now this is truly debilitating. the kids call him a monstor and run away. he can't cover his like yours should be covered. unless your doing major skinny dipping, this area of your body is just not real noticeable.

i agree that the cyst should be more of a concern. i hope i wasn't too rude. i just want you to see that an 8 year old has more of a reason to feel devestated and yet he carries on.
The thing is my surgeon says the cyst and the discoloration are unrelated which doesn't really make sense. My doctor who i see my regular doctor told me that most likely it was the pilonidal cyst that caused this because it is within the area and since it is infected it spreads out which makes a lot of sense doesn't it? The skin doctor didnt really say much b/c i just had my pc drained when i saw him 4 weeks ago. I will see him tomorrow to see what he will say. i will see my surgeon again on thursday.

Who am i suppose to get an answer from on knowing if the pilonidal cyst is the cause of the discoloration on my butt? The surgeon, my regular doctor or the skin doctor? One says they are unrelated while the other one said most likely related. Also is there any way to know how long i have had this pilonidal cyst? Can the doctor tell me b/c i have no clue and again i went to the doctor and surgeon because my butt was discolored. I never noticed i had a p.c.

I do not understand how you call that little discoloration. I do have some pain when i sit too long but it definitely bearable. I don't feel much pain at all. I would say the pain is like a 2 on a 1-10 scale if hurting a lot is a 10. Do you at least feel it would be embarrasing having your butt discolored like this? I know treating the p.c is the most important but the color is very important to me as well.
i also don't believe they are related. i think it was a bad coincidence that its in the same area. your discoloration does not even closely resemble any form of infection. it just kind of looks like mild bruising. and maybe knowone can answer your questions. there isn't an answer to every question and this might be one of those times.
People's butts do not normally just change color. My opinion from what I know about hyperpigmentation is that the PC caused this discoloration. And hyperpigmentation can be treated, but because it's rare, finding a doctor who knows how to treat it CORRECTLY is very important.

I checked two of the photos and while I do not think the discoloration is horrific, I can certainly understand why it is bothering you. It would bother me also if I were your age, to be honest. I do not think you're over reacting about this.... you're young, and while you probably aren't planning on "skinny dipping" as one poster mentioned, you certainly want to date and one day get married...and this sort of thing is bound to make one uncomfortable and embarrassed about having a girlfriend/wife see it.

What I would do is to get the PC treated, likely with surgery. Then I would see a dermatologist who is hyperpigmentation savvy and get the necessary creams to alleviate this discoloration.

My son and I have olive skin tone due to my father's ancestry from Spain, and now that I've seen your pictures, it reminds me of what my son had. His spot looked amazingly similar to yours, although his was smaller. His cleared up on its own once his PC was treated, but his was a much smaller area than yours. However, I DO think yours is treatable, even though it covers a larger area. I wasn't sure if yours looked like what he had till I saw the pics... I am now convinced my son had the same thing. I do not believe yours is bruising, and I KNOW my son's wasn't bruising. I also know that my son's WAS PC related because it went away after his surgery.
jaredsmom, how old is your son? did he get the open or closed surgery? Do you remember how long it took for everything to heal? Like i heard it takes 8 weeks with open incision but it takes like 11 months for it to fully heal?

Was your son able to use the creams say 2 months after the surgery or did he had to wait 11 months before to use it. Or did the spot just fade away after the surgery and do you remember how long it took for that to happen? Did you notice it started to fade week after week?


Wow, you're full of questions, aren't you?:)

Ok, it's been over a year since Jared had the discoloration, but as I remember it, it looked almost exactly like yours....except much smaller of an area. I couldn't figure out what it was at the time, I had never heard of hyperpigmentation then.....I thought he just wasn't cleaning himself well, but it wouldn't come off, no matter how much he scrubbed. Well, we found out about a month after I noticed the discoloration that he had pilonidal cysts. Like you, his never was very painful, and he never even knew he had one till it burst open one day and bled. He was never in much pain, and the lump where the cyst was was only the size of a pea....

His first surgery was a lancing. It wouldn't heal ... we waited six months. During those six months, the discoloration gradually lightened, despite the wound not healing. After six months, we took him for a cleft lift, and after that, it has disappeared altogether. He never had to use any creams or medications on the discoloration, it just faded over time.....once we dealt with the cyst.

Cleft lift is a closed procedure, the lancing was an open one. And even though the lancing wouldn't heal, the discoloration did start to fade at about 2 weeks.

If you get an excision procedure, I'd opt for the open one...because I am convinced that the infection under the surface caused Jared's discoloration... because the discoloration was there long long before he knew he had pilonidals. And with open excision, the infection and nastiness drains better. Once your body emptys itself of the subsurface infection, that discoloration should start to lighten.

However, if you don't want to deal with the long heal time of excision, I highly reccomend cleft lift. It does not change your butt noticeably. Nothing is removed, so it isn't like hunks of buttock is removed. The resulting scar is very minimal and the heal time is only about 2 weeks, without complications. by 4 weeks, most people can resume regular activities, even sports.

Anyhow, I'm glad I took the time to look at your pics even though I feel weird looking at men's behinds on the internet, or I would never have realized that Jared had the same thing. And hopefully now you won't feel so alone in dealing with this. And hopefully now you can have some encouragement that this issue can be resolved.

By the way, when my son first noticead the discoloration last year, he was 17. I'm not sure how long it was there before we noticed it.... could have been years. The only reason I noticed it was when we took him to the doctor about his cyst bleeding. He probably didn't even know it was there till then, either.
ok i went to my skin doctor today and he told me i have post inflammatory hyperpigmentation which makes sense b/c everyone here says so. He tells me that i HAVE to have the surgery to get rid of the pilonidal cyst. He said that the surgeon didn't say anything about the color b/c he isn't a skin doctor like him which makes sense. He also mentioned open excision to me since i told him i will see my surgeon again tomorrow. He told me if after the surgery the discoloration doesn't go away, he will give me some creams to help it.

So tomorrow i will be going to see my surgeon at 1230pm. I will tell him what the skin doctor told me to him as well. Do you guys know how long it takes to schedule an appointment for surgery? I am pretty sure the earliest is like 2-3 weeks or is it possible to have it in a week when you are certain you need it. Also, i know it takes 8 weeks to heal but how long will it be for me that i have to stay at home for and not leave the home? Reason i ask is b/c i have summer school to finish up 1 last class in college from June 1 to July 2nd and i kind of want to my the surgery before it if that is even possible which i doubt.
FANTASTIC news, westell!!!!! It's great that you found a skin doctor who actually knows about hyperpigmentation and confirmed what I believed it was!!!!

So, you'll be on your way to having a normal butt soon....

After the surgery, the discoloration should fade over the next few weeks, it may completely disappear, but if it doesn't fade completely, the skin creams will take care of it for you.

Keep us updated.
I've been following this thread for a bit Westall.

First of all NO ONE should consider death because of their butt (just my opinion). Today was the first day I could view all your pics and honestly, I confer with others here... the discoloration isn't that bad.

I did a bit of googling on 'post inflammatory hyperpigmentation' also. I think like others have said, take care of the root problem.... the pilonidal cyst. THEN deal with the hyperpigmentation. Seems there is alot that can be done there.

You are young... you will do alright mate.

All the best,
i will be going there at 1230. Can someone else give me some other insight? I know after surgery i have to stay home for at least 1 week.

Is it also true that it takes 11 months to fully heal? Some sites mention 8 weeks but i heard a few ppl said 11 months.

I know there is going to be a scar there right?
Definitely you cannot have a scar and have surgery my first op took about 10 months however I started getting up and about in 2 weeks. If you have having a closed excision it will take much longer
okay i am very mad right. When he saw my butt again, and when he touched the very sensitive parts of my anus/butt not sure the proper name he asked me if it hurts and i said yes. He asked me if it hurt when i have bowel movements and i said yes i get pain from that to. I told him it felt like my butt is burning. And then he tells me have anal fissure. He told me most ppl anal fissure is 6 oclock and mine is like a 3 o clock one which meant that it is not that bad. He then tells me to do sit baths before and after my bowel movements? .... What is a sit bath? He also prescribed me some cream to take as well. He also added that i should have a good diet.

I am so frustrated that he found out today i have anal fissure as well. I mean why couldnt he see it last time. I complained about the butt pain like it feels burning and he found out only today. What gets me upset also is that he tells me he cannot do the surgery b/c he has to wait for the cyst to see if it will grow back? I couldn't even concentrate hearing him b/c I was so upset. He tells me two things will happen. Either the cyst never shows up again or it will in the future. He tells me he cannot cut and do the surgery b/c he just cannot:(

He then tells me to come back in 4 weeks. What in the world is going on here? Skin doctor says i have to get rid of the cyst with surgery before i can use creams to heal the hyperpigmentation if it doesn't heal itself. I go to surgeon and he tells me i also have anal fissure along with the pilonidal cyst. He tells me i cannot have surgery and have to wait another 4 weeks? I am so sick of putting my life on hold right now. If i go back in 4 weeks, will he say wait another month? I want to know what is going on already. Does anyone know anything about anal fissure? I was worried about the cyst, then the discoloration and now anal fissure? Life is horrible now.
I believe a sit bath would be sitting in a tub in warm water. It relaxes the anal muscles. Epsom salt might be a good thing to add to the water before getting in it.
the thing i read is that 90 percent of anal fissure go away on its own. However i think i had this for maybe 2 years already so it is long term and not short term. I think i probably need surgery for this too. Every symptom for anal fissure i have.

I will use the cream he prescribed me and eat healthy and do sit baths but i really doubt anything will happen. I mean i did sit baths for 1 week already when i had my pilonidal cyst drained and right now it hurts a lot after bowel movements.

I guess i will see him again in 4 weeks and he will look to see if my butt is getting better in terms of anal fissure and the cyst? I want my surgery already so i can do away with the discoloration. I feel like crap right now b/c my life is being put on hold every day. Now i have to worry about my anal fissure problem as well and i think i would need surgery for that too
anyone? Right now i am using lidocaine gel for my anal fissure. Can someone recommend me what to do now? I will wait another 4 weeks b4 i see my surgeon but he won't do the surgery. Then how would the discoloration go away?
If the discoloration has something to do with the cyst perhaps if the cyst goes dormant and all the past infection resulting from it goes away and everything settles back down, perhaps the discoloration will go away (like it could from the surgery). My surgeon was really hesitant to do my surgery because he knows all the complications that can come with it and the healing(or not healing in some cases). I am a month out and doing OK but I have had some minor complications and it hasn't been a picnic.

If I were you I would follow the current advise and go back in a month. If you are still experiencing your discoloration and everything else is still present and your surgeon still won't consider surgery than I would look into a 2nd opinion. You mention in an earlier post that you were finishing up classes. It might be good timing to just wait it out and if you do need surgery to do it when you are done with all your classes. I wouldn't want to have to deal with school and sitting for long periods of time after having the surgery. I took it really easy for the most part but still, in the last month I missed a solid 10 work days and of the other 10 only about 2 were full shifts. And my surgery was closed, if it had been open I probably would have missed more.

I understand you are anxious to have it over with. I'd trust your Dr. for this month and see where you are in a month. If he still won't consider it and you feel it is right for you i'd then look into a different surgeon. Perhaps you skin Dr. could recommend someone he has worked with in the past.
should i see my skin doctor again lke next week? I hate waiting 1 month to see my surgeon again. I am pretty sure he wll say the same thing and tell me to wait another 4 weeks. I just want to move on with my life and do things most ppl my age do and i never even started at all eventhough im almost 23. I feel horrible now.
I really think you should try seeing past the discoloration, would you rather live with the discoloration or with this pilo.

If this is upsetting you right now I would speak with both skin doc and your doc and if you still are not satisfied then I would seek a second opinion.

I know you are thinking that if you have surgery then you will get rid of the discoloration but the discoloration might be serious i do not know but that is something you need to find out, Maybe thats why surgery has been put on hold.

But you need to rule these things out before you do anything else.
i totally agree with maverick on this one. very good advice. i wish the best of luck and i hope life improves for u soon.