I hate my life right now because of my pilonidal cyst and butt discoloration

i do not know what type of surgery. He just tells me a pc surgery. The thing is this my last priority but my penis e.d problems have been like this for a long time already. I started seeing a urologist about 6 weeks ago and he keeps telling me to come back every 2 weeks to do some tests. Next friday is the last time i will see him and he will discuss with me everything. Reason why i went to this pc is because i wanted to do something because it seems the urologist is just stalling because he wants to make money off of my insurance company.
Why don't you get a second opinion as you said it yourself that you think the urologist thinks of you as a money making scheme then why don't you just ditch him?

Back to topic with the pilo I don't think you should get your skin specialist perform a pilo surgery. The reason I suggested you sort your other problems is as they might get sorted as we all know that a pilo cam come back and you have other complications too. So atleast with your other problems you could and still can get rid of one or two.
Okay back in October 2009 i had some closed excision surgery by my dermatologist. It was a very minor procedure that lasted at most 30 minutes and i was awake. Over this time period till now, nothing has improved. I also have anal fissure and my other doctor said its something related to 3 o clock and not 6 and 12 o clock and told me it would heal even though i had it for maybe 4 years already
I have tried hydroquinone 4 percent given by my dermatologist and still my buttocks are inflamed. Lately it has been very very RED AS WELL.

Can someone please tell me what i can do? Is anal fissure and pilonidal cyst related to one another. The butt discoloration is just making me real sad now.

Anyone can please offer me some advice? I live in NYC.
Hey everyone i am very worried right now.

I was given hydroquinone 6 percent and used it by my dermatologist when i told him that i wanted the discoloration on my buttcheeks to go away. It is purpish and looks bruised. . It was okay for the 1st few days but then later i burned my butt cheek skin because i put too much on it. I had broken skin as well for few days. But right now, I am very scared because my buttcheeks look real inflamed. It is really red as oppose to purpish before.

I read that a side effect of using hydroquinone was that you can inflame your skin if you use too much. Does anyone know what i can do? Would this inflammation go away? I am very scared right now and very scared that this might be a permanent effect. I went to my doctor earlier this week and he said i just put too much and gave me some cream called vanos to help me with the broken skin i had but that problem is now gone. But now my butt cheeks are just very red. I went to my doctor who was the one who discovered i had pilonidal cyst and anal fissure last year for him to look at he says my butt cheeks looks so inflamed and didn't want to talk to me anymore because i told him i used hydroquinone.

Can someone please give me some advice??
Not to familiar with the "hydro' stuff or not sure why you are having discoloration unless there is an internal infection, but i'm sure the doctors would know best

however, just to get a little more background
Are you positive that the word they used is "Fissure" and not "Fistula"

A fissure is a tear at the anal opeing that causes pain and bleeding during bowel movments
A Fistula, is like the sinus tracts the develop from PD under the skin and tunnel, but is called Fistula when achives an opening at each end that is connected
Its anal fissure because i do have blood when i wipe. When i eat fried food, my butt burns a lot and feels like it is on fire. Many times it hurts when i wipe. Isn't this anal fissure??
Do you know what i can do?

Also, my buttcheeks now are very red now as oppose to purpish because of the hydroquinone. Again, the doctor who saw me even said himself my butt looks inflamed and did not want to talk to me anymore because i used a hydroquinone 6 percent that my dermatologist recommended
Anyone know i can do ? I am going to get a referral to see another dermatologist for my skin discoloration. It is very red now on my buttocks as oppose to darkish as before because of the 6 percent hydroquinone.

Should i also go and see a gastroenterologist because the doctor that saw my buttocks who is a surgeon didn't want to see me anymore and was fed up with me because i used hydroquinone?
Why don't you try finding a colorectal? Show then the discolouration and your pilo. If their specialize in these then they might be able to advise you or even do something about it?
Hey everyone. I just went to another dermatologist. He saw my buttocks was still red and irritated from the hydroquininone. I told him about my story and he tells me the options for healing the discoloration is hydroquinone or Nd; Yag Laser. However, he tells me because i had the pilonidal cyst removed but still have anal fissure, he cannot do the laser procedure on me because the anal fissure has to be taken care of. Because if he does the procedure and the anal fissure continues, it would then make the skin go bad so the root of the problem has to be solved first.

When i asked him whether he thinks its the anal fissure or pilonidal cyst that caused the discoloration, he says he does not know. He said it was most likely i had irritation from there. He tells me to see a surgeon first to take care of the anal fissure. I have been doing sitz baths the last week but i read it won't heal anal fissure if you had it for too long and i had it for probably 4 years at least.

So a colorectal doctor is the type of doctor i should look for online? The doctors that my regular doctor referred me to did not want to see me anymore because i used the hydroquinone and made my butt red. I am surprised that the dermatologist tells me he don't know the cause like the other few dermatologist i see. He saids its post hyperpigmentation.

Does anyone know anything about the Nd: Yag Laser? He recommended me to use the hydroquinone after my redness in my butt area is gone and use it for 3 months but i really don't want to wait anymore.
Also, Is there a website where i can check to see what doctors i can go to that accepts my health insurance? I need to see a colorectal doctor and live in New York City. I have Health First NY insurance and the plan is Medicaid. Can someone tell me what website i can find these doctors?
I seen one doctor that my regular doctor referred me to but he was horrible and didn't care at all.

I found this site where i can type my health insurance and i see a bunch of doctors that accept it. However, they don't have colorectal as an option?


Can someone please help me? Thanks!
Okay i went back to my other dermatologist and he says the YAG Laser is not good idea. He then tells me the hydroquinone 6 percent should be good and it will take 3-6 months at least.

Anyone else know if i need to fix the anal fissure first before the discoloration?
It would make sense to sort out the anal fissure first.
Do you say doing surgery would be the best idea? The surgeon who i saw told me he didn't want to do it because i was young. He kept telling me do sitz baths and eat high fiber etc but i read it won't help if you had anal fissure for a long time.
I did say that not knowing what your surgeon told you, I thought it can be treated regardless of age.
The other dermatologist told me hydroquinone would be fine and i did not have to worry about the anal fissure. He also mentioned to me that the
YAG Laser is a bad idea and that the hydroquinone 6 percent would be fine but takes 3-6 months. Both dermatologist confirmed it was post inflammatory hyperpigmentation though.

Anyone else here have the post inflammatory hyperpigmentation?