I have lost count on how many surgerys I have had :(

Since I was young I have had an issue with Pilonidal Abscesses, I have had it it drained and packed around 7 times and I have a full removal last year. Almost two days ago it flared up again, Worst of all I am going on holiday in 5 days time! It is really sore and is causing pain when I sit down. Every time I have had antibiotics it doesn't work and I end up back is hospital. Last time I was in hospital on a drip because the infection got in to my blood. Can any of you relate to this? What do I do about my holiday? Do I need to tell the insurance company? Any help will be amazing!

Draining and packing isnt any good, you need it removed. If that hasn't worked and its come back, get a cleft lift, the recurrence rate of a cleft lift/modified karyikas (flap surgery) is much lower than a normal excision.
The reason is comes back could be either the doc did not remove everything, or it simply came back naturally. Either way, an experienced doc in pilonidal flap surgeries will sort you out. Are you in the UK? and do you have private insurance?

Dont be put off a cleft lift, its not really any different to an excision like you had. I had it as my first surgery and so far so good.
Check this site for info, hope that helps.