Hey man, your story almost describes mine to a T. Im 19, in college (in Minnesota), and I have two tiny holes like you described. I noticed them in August, right before I left for school, and looked it up and got too scared to do anything about it. I have almost no pain, and I can sit fine and what not. I've noticed lately I can feel a small bump near one of the holes, and it has me concerned. Did you have a visible cyst? And how long did you live with it before you got the procedure done? If I can drive to Pittsburgh and get this thing taken care of once and for all over spring break, I will definitely not hesitate. Any reply would be extremely helpful, thanks!
hey sorry for the late reply, but i lived with it for a year and half. I had a visible cysts and they would drain every now and then. I suggest doing it, get it done and you'll be happy that they are gone