I'm new and I got tons of questions to ask !

cricket1;69835 said:
i'm not sure of the answer. u should ask your doc for sure. myself i wouldn't stay in that long but just because i'm worried about it softening my wound and breaking down from the moisture.

was the pool chorinated? if so than i also had very bad itching after swimming in a chlorine pool too.

I won't stay that long but I'm just askin to make sure :D

I think its chorinated or whatever .. I had some itching too .. but it stopped after I had my butt washed with water at home :) everything is fine for now .. Good night people !
Update for few days

Hello folk,well I didn't forgot about all people who are struggling with this disease ... I just wanna tell some people who are following this thread that I'm still alright .. I feel some itching from time to time .. yesterday I went to Belgrade (sitting in car for 4h ). Although that I didn't sit 4h since my cousins car is Ford(Galaxy) with a lot of space inside .. so I could even lay :).. Nothing bad in general for now .. wound is looking alright .. Do you think if I use semi - hot water with gauze and try to clean my wound .. since sometimes there gets some dirtiness form underwear etc .. .. I just wanna know if clean water and gauze will affect my wound condition .[x0x]
that sound just fine to do and even good for it. i'm glad your doing well and itchiness is your bodies way of healing so thats great too.
Happy to hear you are back to having fun! Keeping clean seems to be the best medicine and it sounds like you are doing all you can do. Good for you!
Same here except uni is starting for me and I am in pain :( I hope i will be able to go.
MaVeRiCk7;70123 said:
Same here except uni is starting for me and I am in pain :( I hope i will be able to go.
I really hope that you'll be alright until then . ... For now I don't have any complications I clean my wound daily .. :S that's all I can do .. take good care of hygiene .. .. and hope for the best .. Stay strong mate, it's tough but you have to go trough it ! Good luck !
Update :D

Greetings folks ! What you been up to these days? I'm alright .. Everything is fine .. I just didn't have enough patience to come here and write a long post .. but now I'm in a good mood after I felt some weird and constant itching at wound area.. Immediately I checked that out .. and cleaned my wound .. Everything is good for now . Dry&Closed. I hope it'll stay alright . I hope all people out there with pilonidal diagnosis will join this community so we can stay strong together cause it's easier.

I'm spending my time reading books for school and chilling out with friends . I was sitting a little bit more than usually so I feel some pain from time to time .. when I sit more then 30 min etc. .. I wish good luck to all people .. Greetings from Bosnia !
I do understand! Can you ask if you may be allowed to use a tush cush? I know when my daughter goes back to school, I will make damn sure she can bring hers. I am even thinking of making one just so she can use it at school and leave it there.
Just a thought :)
Sure you can. I went to the fabric store and bought a hunk of 3 inch thick foam. Measure the size of your butt cheeks in a sitted postion and that is the size wide you need. Then measure from butt to oh about mid thigh or so. Then in the center cut a U shaped hole, where abouts your butt crack is. Make it big enough for comfort.
I can privatley send you a pic of the one I made, if you like.
Alright if you find enough time to take photo I'll be very grate full .. coz I really need to make one .. so it's not so hard :D .. Now I have prob to find "foam" :D hihi !
Update : I was at pool yesterday .. and I had much fun I hope it was ok to jump around 10 times XD.. I went into water and stayed in like 20-30 min (maybe it seemed so long but It wasn't longer than 30 min for sure) .. I'd stay whole day! damn. I went back home after 2h cause I didn't know what to do and I couldn't resist my friends .. They were calling me into water all the time .. Well .. everything looks alright today .. I hope it's going to stay closed. :D Greetings.
Update :)

Hello again my pilonidal friends :) how are you doing these days .. I just dropped in to say that I'm fine .. Dry & closed for now :) I shaved my area yesterday (I used depilation you know :D ) and it's looking so nice now :) I don't feel any pain until I don't stare in my computer monitor more than 30 min :) It's alright now .. School starting next Monday .. Can't w8 :) I'll have to sit a lot but I'm ready to take that challange .. and I hope that I'll be able to stay best student in class this year too,same like I did 2 years before .. I hope that this surgery won't affect my abillities and my brain :) Stay strong my friends. [x0x]
I just love happy stuff Dex!
That is so wonderful! Sarah is looking forward to going to school too. She will be in 11 grade. And as she is sitting on her butt, she is hoping that she won't need her tush cush.
You be strong too!
School starts on 31.august in there? How lame is that.. i thought 1.september is like the general thing i europe. On monday, im still on holiday:cool: