I'm new and I got tons of questions to ask !

I hope you are not going to have surgery for all the wrong reasons as I suggest you first of all find out if you do need your pilo operated on. Are you in pain for more than 2wks? Do you have a recurrence, infection or pits. If you dont have the following I don't think you need surgery as if you had something in there that was not right it should have been exposed really soon.

Also I would not advise you to get your skin doctor to operate on you as you need a pilo or general surgeon with experience. Its up to you whatver you decide. Also what type of surgery are you going to have?
I thought you said that your skin doctor want to operate on you. My point was that I would think about surgery if the outcome you are expecting is that you discolouration will go. What surgery are you going to have for a pilo or for your skin? If your pilo does not need operating on then there's no point in having the surgery.
Hahaha mate .. Where did I write that I'll have another surgery :eek: .. I hope this was the last one in my life :) I'm feeling really good . Sry :S but I don't know where did you read about another surgery :S
:eek: I can't believe I got the threads mixed up :eek: See this is what the pilo is doing to me how embarrassing :eek: [X(]
I have posted the post in the right thread :eek: Lets forget about this now it never happened. :eek:
Update :)

Well I've dropped by again to inform you that I went to pool yesterday and I spent "a lot of time" in water but I wasn't like "get in water and don't go out for 2h" I just went to water like 15 min and then I took rest and I was doing it for 3h :D .. Right after I came home I took care of my wound .. but everything was alright skin there looks like normal (no anything which could make me worry) scar is in perfect condition (thanks God) .. however I took shower + cleaned my wound .. I might go to pool today too :) I hope everything will stay alright :) .. Greetings [o+o]
May I inform you that I went to the pool again today .. I had so great time there .. I'm so happy .. thanks God wound is still alright and closed.. after this weekend school is starting .. I'm goin to study hard .. can't w8 for school
thanks Sharon .. I'm really glad that this forum exist at all .. I'll always remember nice people from this forum .. You're all very kind and polite .. Thanks for support .. and of course You'll always have my support .. WE have to talk about our disease and change opinions ..
i'm really glad u are doing well. keep up the good work.
I have few questions .. I wanna know your opinion ..

Alright .. School started today. This is hardest year in my school and I'll have to spend huge amount of time studying= sitting most of the time . I still don't have tush cush .. I'll try to make one for myself but I don't wanna speak about that now . I'm here to ask you about physical activity.. more exactly .. I'm about to start visiting GYM again .. I've planned to work out only hand muscles and stomach . and back(shoulders etc) I won't do anything which will make pressure on legs and "butt" muscles xD. What do you think about that .. I feel really good .. I will have to do something where I'll be allowed to put all my "negative" energy and stress out ! What do you think about gym? It might be bad for my wound? It will be 1 month since my wound is closed & dry tomorrow and I honestly hope that it's going to stay closed for rest of my life. Although winter is coming slowly and day is getting shorter and weather will get worse I think that gym is my best solution. I won't do hard and "crazy" exercises. I will keep it on "ultra-light" mode (part which involve weight lifting) and I was about to go there like 4 times a week and I'll base most on my definition and stomach muscles cause I got 2 cm fat .. and I'll try to burn about 1 cm until new year .. That means I won't be rushing etc I'll keep it easy and I'll take extreme care of my wound . Thanks in advance! [:8)]
Hi Dex,
I think light weights would be ok, just listen to your body. Stay away from squarts though. Too much work on the thighs and butt. Gee, it's so great to know you are doing so well! It makes a heart happy!
Thank you Sharon .. I really appreciate your kindness. I hope that you'll daughter will do alright too . I wish You both all best from the heart.

Well to be honest .. I won't make anything with my stomach muscles unless I don't run .. and running include huge activity of butt muscles.. Right? that means that I won't be able to make my stomach muscles visible ... since I got 2 cm of fat :D so I'll do my best to loose at least 1 cm xD = do you think that if I do regular exercise for stomach muscles .. I don't know what's word in english for that .. Like stomach push ups xD .. that won't affect my wound ? there shouldn't be any activity in butt area. Do you think that I'm able to do some jogging from time to time .. I think that it's still early to do it .. and I should start jogging at next spring .. until then I'll train my scar and body and get in perfect shape so I'll be able to do 20 min jogging everyday .. because until then my scar should be enough strong to take that pressure (cause skin there is very sensitive now and it will tear if I do too much activity which involves butt muscles) xD

.. I will speak with my cousin (nurse) and ask her to take a look on my scar (and ask some doc too) and if they agree that it's alright I'll start gym xD
I might suggest staying away from traditional sit ups. Where you lie on your back with your feet flat on the floor and knees up towards the sky and pull up your upper body, those kind. Good for the stomach, certainly, but bad for the tailbone. A lot of pressure on that area of the body. Waiting a little longer to do that would be good I think.