I'm new and I got tons of questions to ask !

If the plan is to slide your feet under the bars and pull your body up, I'd say no way! If the plan is to hold the bars with your hands and lift your legs straight up into the air, or with bended knees, maybe. That at least only puts a minimal amount of pressure on the tush.

As always, check with your doctor. Waiting a week or two could make all the difference. You don't want to undo anything for the sake of a 6 pack!
I think you should consider yourself lucky that you have got rid of this pilo as you know that once it garbs hold it does not let go as easily. Make sure you do not add any pressure to the wound when exercising. I know once you have healed you feel like starting other things that you could not do but be careful.
Well I won't do gym until next month .. I have to find some physical activity which will help me to get my negative energy out !!! :( I won't do any kind of sit ups.. what's about push ups ?
Update people !

GREEEEEEEEETINGS! How are you ?! I hope you're doing good ! I'm ok. Everything is perfectly fine and I hope it's going to stay like this . No problems with wound except the pain when I sit a little bit without moving at school . But that's not big deal I suppose. I started great in school.. I just wanted to greet you that's all .. I won't go to gym for now :) well .. I guess I'll take a break this weekend cause I feel very tired .. I'm studying a lot ! But I have to maintain my success :) Good luck and have fun ! I wish you fast recover !

Well .. how are you my pilonidal friends? I'm alright .. dry and closed. I wish you good time :) everything is alright except that I'm getting little tired .. cause I'm studying a lot ! can't wait for the weekend :)
So glad things are going well with you! Sarah is doing well too but like you so tired....from tons of homework! She does 4 hours every night! We have been doing some walking when we have the time. Her goa; now is to lose some weight.
Well .. You have to make her understand importance of education on her own .. My mother never told me "go to study or something like that" .. Life wasn't so nice for me ..My parents are divorced etc .. and all other problems when you have to be "head" of let's call it family since it's only me and my mother living together now .. now I have to be that "head" and I'm going to do my best to help my mother. I'm still young and I'm precocious (don't know if it's good word) I act like an "adult" instead of my friends whose mental level is so immature. Physically You can't see any particular difference but when you actually just start talking you can see difference.
This disease already took away something I loved to do.. but You have to stay strong and never give up ! You can beat it . Soon I'll be dry & closed for 2 months! I'm feeling alright .. I'm reading a lot and sitting a lot but I don't feel any pain .. I make pauses every 10-20 min :S and I hope it will stay closed. Greetings from Bosnia! [^^]
Update :>

Hello people .. How are you doing ?! I'm perfectly fine .. I wish you good luck and fast recoveries .. I'm almost dry&closed for 2 months :p It took me 4 months to get my wound closed and now it will be 6 months after surgery .. I'm doing alright .. You have to stay strong .. Greetings from Bosnia ! [D:(]
[:8)][:8)][:8)][:8)]congratulations and thanks for the good news!

WEll since I didn't have internet at home for 2 months I got it back right now. I just wanted to greet all old and new guys out here. I'm still owning everything,feeling good. Last night I felt some kind of inside pain and I was thinking about pilo comming back,well I hope it won't come back to my a$$,though if he does I'll remove it again :) GREEEETS
I like your confidence, Good to hear that its still doing well and great to see you back. [oyo]
Hello Pals!!!!! I just came around to wish you happy new year and I hope everyone who got problems with his [oyo] will solve it and enjoy his life! I'm fine,perfect. Tonight party I hope everything will be as I expect !! :DD I'm so happy.. and I'm appealing again .. pry to the God !
Well . Greetings from BOSNIA!!!! :) [D:(][D:(][D:(][:8)]
Hey dexsky, long time no see Happy New Year bud glad to know things are still going good for you.
How are ya doin? Pilonidal Pals! I'm alright. Holidays so I'm chilling,I was playing football lately. well no problems for now. I was playing like 2-3 days in a row..around 1h/day but with extra care. :rolleyes: No problems for now. I'm perfectly fine. I hope you're doing good aswell! Greetings from Bosnia. Btw it's really cold here but no snow or rain. I can't w8 for warm weather and pools and etc :)[oyo]
I didn't forget you my friends. I'm just doing alright,I got problems with tootache like 10 days back. My wound is alright I hope so. I'm not really taking care so much about it. I clean it regulary but I don't take shower every day , I'm actually very busy with school and everything,I'm spending a lot of time sitting too :( I don't know if it can be serious,but I'm feeling alright. I hope you're doing alright,I'm really going to start showering again I just can't w8 for higher temperature outside because I got some very complex problems .. but I'm sure I'll do alright,I planned to go jogging every morning at start of spring,you think I'm ready for that after 12 months? Just to mention,I'm dry & alright since 1.8.2009. I think I'm ready to step back into "old" life again,jogging,gym etc :S? and u?