I'm new and I got tons of questions to ask !


Hellooou pilonidal pals! How are you? I'm fine,I just started jogging few days back,playing football and basketball either. However I wanna see your opinion about how much time I should spend running? I don't want to do over activities. I'm on diet either,but I need to find some balance right now,I'm actually eating almost everything but sweets and in general eating late at night. I gained around 6kg since October. I'm around 80-90kg now. I used to weight 83 since my surgery (april 2009) . If you have some advice or something feel free to post here,if you wanna speak about pilo tell me .. I'm really opened for discussion. It really feels good to be back in life. I still think that I'm sitting too much and still don't have "tush cush" I will ask my cousin to buy it for me. It's hard to find this in Bosnia. I hope everything is going to be fine.