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So many people pass through this site and then disappear after they've healed from their surgery. This forum is for all of you to "sign out" of the Pilonidal Care ward :D

We are building this record for the newcomers who will see nothing but bad stories, recurrences and problems as they read the posts in the main forum. Remember how freaked out you were the first time you came here and saw mostly problems. Most people don't see all the successes, and that is what THIS forum is for!!!!


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Gone and almost forgotten!!

I had my surgery last spring, and was completely healed in 5 weeks!!! The combination of a proper excision together with great home care (local nurses looked after the post-op dressing changes) made all the difference.

Looking back, I was a lot more nervous about the whole thing than I should’ve been. You can expect to be off your backside for at least 3 weeks, and I didn’t need any pain meds since the day of surgery!

I was up and around in a couple of days, and other than a trip to my GP for anti-biotics (I had an infection for the first week), the healing process was pretty uneventful.

Not having to deal with the inconvenience that comes with this condition anymore is a GREAT RELIEF!! If you're on the fence, JUST DO IT!!!! Chances are it'll work out fine. So far so good for me!!!

Hi, When I had mine, I had noticed a pain in the natal cleft and thought nothing of it. We were staying round a friends house for the weekend
so on Friday night, I mentioned it, and by sunday afternoon I couldn't sit down. I don't know if this is usual, but thats how it happened for me.
My GP said it was too big for him to lance so I waited 4 days for a consultants appointment at my local Hospital (one of the best NHS in the south of England) and
they kept me in and 2 days later I had the operation. Now this was 1989/1990 and at the time I was told "We have this brand new procedure,
where we pack the hole we've made with something like a tampon and stitch you up over it, which means you dont have to keep coming back to
have it drained during the healing process." Which I was very happy about.
After a few weeks, they removed the wadding, re-stiched me, I healed and until finding this forum I've never thought about it again.
I've never had a single recourrence, in fact until finding these boards, I didnt know that happened, I just thought the operation fixed it for everyone.
Aparently mine was very large, and the morning after the surgery, the surgeon and anesthetist got to me on their rounds and the surgeon said to the
gaggle of newbie doctors following them around, (and I'll never forget this) "I've left a hole in him you could put three fingers in" and I said to him,
"and left me laying on it to wake up" The Nurses in the recovery room knew when I had woken due to the shout of pain and me trying to get off my back.
Anyway, all that said, it was totally 100% successful and I've never had it again and never want it again. Hope this was helpful.
All the best, KT. U.K.