Is my Pilonidal back?!

Hi everyone! I had surgery done (excision with open-wound healing) on October 30 and the healing process has been going very well. I stopped packing the wound a few weeks ago as directed by my doctor and the healing process has been going well. It finally closed up all the way about a week ago.

However, I now have pain near where the scar is and there is a small bump there as well. I have been shaving the area with an electric razor as my doctor told me I should do so it could be irritation from that as well. It looks and feels like it could be a pimple so that is what I am hoping but i know it could also be the pilonidal cyst coming back. I was unable to schedule an appointment with the surgeon that performed my surgery any time soon so I have an appointment with another doctor on the 26th. Now I am worried that will be too long to wait to get it checked out.. does anyone have any suggestions? when would it be a good idea to go to urgent care?


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Hate to hear you're having issues :/
I wouldn't worry about going to a wound care until you think it is infected, bursts open or gets worse.
Or if it'd give you a peace of mind, go whenever you'd like.
Hope it's nothing pilonidal related!