just had surgery!

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I just had surgery Tuesday afternoon. A small closed excision on the top of my crack for the original sinus and a 1.5 inch open excision where most of the cyst was which was about 3 inches away on my right cheek - it had tunnelled over and out. I can't really get a good look at the closed area because there is some swelling and I don't want to pull the cheeks apart to get a look. The open wound is very deep but is not bleeding as much as I would have thought from looking at it. My doctor stiched the wound open and said I don't have to pack it (thank g_d!). It's been 2.5 days and so far so good, pain is significant but manageable (with vicodin) and I am back at work today for a half day.

So it's early but I am optimistic. I think I am probably lucky that most of the surgery was on my cheek it seems like a less painful area.

Good luck everyone!


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Glad to hear you are doing ok. And I hope your healing goes well.

Keep us informed of how you are doing. Personal stories are the best way to give new people a better understanding of what they might be facing
OK it's been one week. The open wound is still big but noticably smaller than it was. Not too much drainage.

I still can't really get a good look at the closed wound. There is a small amount of fluid coming out of it. Given the high infection rate I am worried about the closed wound. I read somewhere on this site that some amount of serous fluid leaking out is normal, and this appears to match the description of yellow/orange fluid. If anyone reading this has had a closed surgery please let me know if you had some fluid coming out of it after a week!!!! If I don't hear from someone I'll start a new thread.

Pain is low, it's more like general discomfort now. I'm back at work and pretty much off the pain pills, I just take a couple when I get home from work at which point I am pretty sore and exhausted.
Hi Jmmr,

I just had surgery on the 22nd - it is a closed wound, at least on the outside (they stitched both buttcheeks together, so underneath I can only guess what they did - an open wound? a closed?) but to answer your question, yes it is normal to have that yellow-orange fluid coming out. I have a drainage tube attached so that the liquid collects in it - so sure in fact were my surgeons that I'd have fluid coming out, they set up a drainage system. Seems to be a common approach. For me, I've been recording the amount of fluid draining - it has gone from 40 mL the day after surgery to about 5 mL this afternoon, almost exactly one week later.

Good luck, let us know how you're doing.

Ya know, I think every response to everyone having surgery for the first time should be...Good Luck. It's kind of like standing on a landmine...You're Ok if you don't frickin move. [8)]

So...GOOD LUCK [|:)]
Thanks all, I really appreciate it.

I am less worried about the closed wound now (thanks moon), I figure if it was infected I would be in a lot more pain.

good luck everyone!
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