Karydakis tehnic

I done my one with 3 weeks ago. One week post operation it’s opened because I got seroma and the sergeon didn’t put hose drainage. After one more week I been to him and he tigh again. After other week opened again. Still coming out seroma and pus. I choose for this tehnic for quick healing, but ,.. Now the sorgeon said to live open wound. It is somebody else with the complications after this tehnic?

I've had a Karydakus flap done in early May, too!

Though I've had a drainage for about 24h before it was removed.
Initially it opened a bit up and the lower part of the wound remained gaping. My surgeon said that I had a little seroma in there too, which would keep the wound from closing more easily.
Though luckily there were no infection signs such as pus. He left stitches inside longer than initially foreseen, about 3 weeks, before taking them out.
4 weeks after surgery the wound was closed except a 3mm hole, which are closed by now, too.

Throughout all this time I put lots of effort in keeping it as clean as possible, showered with clear water mostly twice a day, exposed the wound to air at least 30min after shower, and kept it otherwise dry and clean with sterile dressing.

But yours is already infected when there is pus. One thing is to keep it as clean as possible and yes, your surgeon is right to leave it open. Otherwise the pus would build up inside. You should check out though to take antibiotics.

You'll be fine, I know it's nasty but have a little patience more! Keep your head up!
Believe me I cleaned every day as well. No shower, not even water-doctor told me that, just Iodine. Changed sterile dressing every day! The problem was because I got lot seroma, supposed to have hose drening- doctor mistake. It’s looking fine , still discharge but not so much like before. , hope in 2-3 weeks will healing completely! The problem for future will be the recurrence- not so low chance like in one , without complications!