[Long Read] My Story and My Questions/Problems

My Story and My Questions/Problems

I just turned 15 years old(now sixteen) when I had this issue but I didn’t know what it was and I (stupidly) didn't tell my parents about it knowing it would be very embarrassing and awkward (which it really was) so I tried just living with it until in December 2011.

I went snowboarding for the first time and it was fun and all but I fell on my butt more than I can remember and later that day I was having lunch and felt something warm (where the sun doesn’t shine) and I just blew it off assuming I was fine, then continued to snowboard (and fell on my butt more) and soon after that was over we were heading home, and when I got home taking off all my snowboarding gear (jacket, shirt, snow pants, pants, and long underwear) and as I was taking off my long underwear and found about some much blood so I felt that I had to tell my mother, and I felt really embarrassed while doing it (because there was so much blood and I knew she would take me to the docs then they would see)

She ended up taking me to a Med Express (because family doc was out) and they got one of those anal probe-y things out and I was like no, and told him that it was probably right above the place where he wanted to stick that thing in, upon further examination he found that I had a pilonidal cyst(that bursted) so he suggested me going to get an operation to remove it (excision) then few months later we set up a surgery to have it remove, it was removed successfully(had the surgery on August 18, 2012).

The doctor did a closed healing, but about after it healed partially he removed the sutures, about two weeks after that it got infected and it started tunneling, so he ripped the healed part open to let it heal from the inside out(which was on September 30, 2012) and I continued to let it heal and come in to office every two weeks to get it checked on(he also removed hair) and that ended(on October 23, 2012) and he said to call if I had problems, which I did not have many problems until....

I was walking down the stairs and slipped on a single wash cloth (I think that is what I slipped on) and landed strait on my butt (which happened on December 24, 2012; Christmas Eve). My father came to the stairs and asked If I was ok and I said yes and got up, walked to my room; feed seconds later I felt warm feeling and very painful(pain scale of 8 of 10) and noticed blood pouring from back there and I just knew... I called my mother down (because I feel more comfortable with her about these things) and showed her that my clothes (which were bright white) were just red. She told me to come up stairs and she grabbed towels to cover it up, she told my father and they decided to take me to the ER because I was dripping blood on the ground (as if it were a murder scene). When I got there they looked at it and said they couldn’t really do anything and they didn't even offer me anything to reduce the pain, and it continued to hurt very badly; that night I didn't sleep. So they discharged me. I was really frustrated because all I had to wear after they told me that they couldn't do a single thing was blood drenched shorts (in the snow (Colorado)) so I went home that night. And now it being 12/27/2012 I have to schedule an appointment when my Doc who did the surgery to tell him what happened and if there is anything I can do about it because it continues to bleed pretty badly.

Anyway, I felt like sharing my story and with my questions that I have is, Shouldn’t of it been healed by December since I had it opened on September 30, 2012 because I read on the site that it should only take 8 weeks and my Doctor said it should be closed in “two months” I just really wish this process was over with, but It just got started… again… Sigh.



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Hi Mike. My son was also 15 turning 16 when he discovered his pilonidal cyst and had surgery. I know this all can be very annoying and you can get tired of dealing with it, but there is help so don't get too down about it. Some people do have some trouble healing and do have their incision open back up so you are not alone. It would be very helpful if you would tell your parents about this site so they can gather all the information they need to make decisions about your medical care. There are some different ways to handle this and I think they will be happy to find out what all is available. Please try not to get too worried and definitely have them look at the forum. Ok?


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