Lunges, leg exercises and scar tissue.

I've had 2 flare ups which required surgery, the last being over 5 years ago. Subsequently I've had no trouble with inflammation or discomfort in my day to day life, other than in the gym.
Occasionally (not always) when I attempt lunges in the gym, I get a sharp pain where my surgery scar is. It feels like a pulling/stabbing sensation which once aggravated, tends to linger and affect some other leg exercises for a short while.
I find this frustrating as I can go for periods of months being able to do lunge exercises with no discomfort to then all of a sudden being instantly incapable of doing any without instant pain.

Wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience to mine? If anyone knows what the potential cause for my discomfort may be? or if anyone has any solutions (other than the obvious "don't do lunges")?


It doesn't sound normal, after a surgery you should be back to normal. What kinda surgery did you get.

If your last surgery was over 5 years ago and its not improving maybe you should talk to a doc about it?

Ideally someone with lots of experience, who's performed a handful of Pilonidal surgeries and is up to date with the latest.
Should have an idea of what your going through.