Male Teen, Healed in 2 weeks!

I developed my cyst 2 and a half years ago Junior year of high school. The summer leading into my senior year of high school I showed a doctor and he gave me antibiotics which didn't work. So he recommended surgery.

I ended up getting the z plasty closed wound surgery. I healed in 2 weeks and have not had pain or flare ups since. I am currently a sophomore in college.

I am confident that I am never getting a cyst again... However, I now have a huge scar on my butt and only like 1/2 of an actual butt crack. I can't find other posts of people who also got the z plasty.

Being honest, the physical result of the surgery has destroyed my sexual self esteem. I am a young guy in college and I get afraid when I get intimate with girls because I don't know how they will react to my ugly butt, nor do I know how to even bring it up.


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Hi Jeff I had boils under my arms and in my groin at that age (as well as...) so think yourself lucky.
I think we are all so much more aware of ourselves than other people are... I doubt a scar on your bum is a game changer.

Imagine what other people in your classes are dealing with. Everyone is normal, but they all have their issues...

Think about the women you are interested in... would it matter if they had a scar on their natal cleft...


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I am 24 year old woman. I have a scar on my natal cleft from surgery. My bf doesn't care. As a woman, you'd think I'd be more concerned. But, I know he cares about me. He was laying next to me when my abscess was so big and painful. I was shaking and sweating from the infection. Lots of tears. A scar is just a reminder of the illness and that it was taken care of. If it's casual interest, then it's casual interest. But when a woman really cares about you, trust me, it won't matter.