Manuka honey procedure

Hey, I'm still dealing with an open wound from a pilonidal excision. I've read some wonderful things about using manuka honey to help with the healing.

I have a few questions on which I'd be very grateful to get some help!

Can I just use edible manuka honey or is there any special one intended for use on wounds?

Do I just use a clean spoon to let it fall into my wound or what is th best way to apply it?

Does the honey harden in the wound or will it stay as is and potentially melt and exude out?

How long should I leave the "dressing" before changing it?

How do I remove the honey from the wound? Have people had difficulties with this step?

Many many thanks for any help received. :D
Hi, I don't know much about this as my daughter is just about to go through it but I believe there is a manuka wound cream - try google or ask at your chemist. The highest strength like 25-50 would be best. But I'm not sure about applying it directly.


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I would say stick with the Medical Honey, and guess their manufacturing standards would be different with sterile for medical use and less sterile for eating.. Bacteria our gut can handle you wouldn't put near an open wound.

There are particular dressings.. (Apinate Dressing) or gel/creams medical honey. Google 'medihoney'