Maryland pit pick

Havn't been on the fourm in a while but wanted to let you know of a DR. that helped me with my Cyst
a few years ago. He is Dr. Zack Martin in the Baltimore Maryland area. I had problems with my tailbone for many years and would slowly drain and was very painful . I had it lanced several times and started looking
for a dr. that used the bascom method. I found DR Martin and he performed Pit picking after I healed from
the lancings, At that time he had a patient that actually had surgery from dr bascom and he was doing follow up care since the patient traveled back to maryland. Dr. Martin is actually a plastic surgeon but
is well versed in the bascom methods. I was very pleased with him.
I am currently healing from a large pilo that was lanced and drained. I live in Carroll county maryland and am looking for a surgeon to talk to. I also currently have medical assistance. Do you have the name of his practice?