"maybe a cure" ???????????What are your thoughts?

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I didn't try the salt and hot water. But I plan to when there is an enclosed flare-up. I wouldn't use it on an open wound.

But I'd wondered if it should be tried even when there is not a painful bump or spot.
Hey everyone! I found out I had pilondial disease about a month ago, and it's odd, I had always felt my tailbone hurt a tad when I was growing up. As if I had bruised it somehow but it did not hurt nearly as bad as when I had my first flare up last month. Anywho I was a sporty kid, so I thought since I was clumsy as well I had just fallen. Well the basic premise of this post is that I was really scared at first when I found out. I mean I am 21 and to think I might have to deal with this for a long long time, really scared me. Especially since I am in school and all my close friends and family live far away, even my boyfriend who just graduated. About a year ago I was dating a guy who found out he had it and had to have surgery. Of course he let his get really bad, didn't take care of it or the pain for almost 3 months! Luckily I learned from that, and as soon as I started feeling pain I got it lanced. I guess the paranoia is starting to sink a tad, about it coming back. But this site has been so helpful and the tips for things such as No Bump RX and Iodex really really help. I just want to thank the creator of this site and those who have been so honest with their stories. I am not going to lie, that they don't scare me, but finding more and more people that have this that I can talk to helps. I hope God finds you all well and thanks for your thoughts. I really hope at some point we can find a cure for this, even if it isn't exactly life threatening, it doesn't help make life better. God bless! [^]
Hi Gigi, How are YOU doing?

About a week ago, I started having a flare up. I was extremely discouraged, as I'd just had a lancing earlier in the summer (2-3 months ago). This was wrecking my normal schedule of only having a flare-up every several years! So, what did I have to lose, I tried the hot salty compresses for a couple of days. It seemed to have calmed the thing down. I just REALLY don't want to have surgery at my age (50).


My daughter has about a 1/4 inch hole to her sinus - she's been complaining about pain, itching, draining for a couple of days. Do you think we could use the salt compress even though she has an opening?

AnxiousMom, my sinus hole is not that large. I would probably try the salt compress on myself if it were though. You'll have to make that decision for yourself. I know that many others on this site would not recommend it. If the abcess had come to the surface and burst, I would not do it. Nor would I do it on a fresh lancing. I have however used a drawing salve on a partially healed lancing incision, with no ill effects.


In another topic, boiling mermaid suggested using Epsom Salts in a bath. So that's what I had my daughter do yesterday - put about 2 c. (package said to use 1-2 c., so went for the max.)in a warm bath. She soaked for about 15-20 min. Not sure if it helped or not, make take a few times. So I'll have her do this again today, and whenever it's especially bothering her. Will keep you posted! Thinking may need to put more salts in, but will see.

Hi all. I have been researching pilonidal cysts as my 16 year old son just started developing one about 3 months ago. We learned that soaking in sea salt water helps, but is not a cure. I also saw an add for Furuncle-med that claims to cure these cysts or there is a money back guarantee. Has anyone tried this? Pleeeese let me know.
Interesting product. But is a Pilonidal a boil? I guess it is but it seems like more
for normal skin boils that you would get in other parts of the body. But who knows maybe
this might actually do something. If not cure at least keep it at bay. Would be interested
to see if anyone has used it and what success.
To learn more about Furuncle-Med go to:

There is some information about it and a few testimonies, but I wanted to hear from someone not related to the add. It is a salve that is applied over the infection & then covered with a bandage. It is supposed to draw the cyst out. Sound too good to be true? I am new at this, but I really was hoping to find something to keep my son from having surgery. He just had surgery to remove a tumor causing him to have a hernia,(Fortunately not malignant) so I hate for him to go through another surgery.

The ingredients in this salve are Kumarahou, Lobelia Inflata, Wintergreen, Comfrey Root, Aloe Vera, High Active Carbon, Sodium Chloride, Jojoba Oil, Hydrogen Peroxide, & water. I think I may go ahead and order it. After reading about all of you I am pretty worried.

God bless you all,
Just-an inquiring mind
An Inquiring Mind,
I think it would be worth trying Furuncle-Med. If your son uses it, please let us know how well it works. I hope things go well for him!
Hi Gigi,

Hope to get to know you. I have just learned of this site and am so thankful for it. I've been doing a lot of reading about pc's and
this site has helped us more than anything.

We are nervouse as all this is new to us, but doing well. Hope you
are too. :)

Just--an inquiring mind
Just want to say a few things to you an inquiring mind. 90% of the time PC surgeries are a success. Don't let these message boards scare you. But I do understand why you wouldn't want your son to have to go through another surgery. It sounds like he's had enough to last him a lifetime.

About that cream you posted, I don't see how that could possibly be effective, considering the medical profession doesn't seem to be recommending it. It's amazing the pain people go through for PC's; if all they had to do was apply some cream to make it all go away, I think doctors would be recommending it all the time. After reading the one link, it sounds like the cream just removes the infection and the cyst will remain, forever, if not surgically removed. Once you stop applying the cream, the cyst could and would just flare-up again. So it sounds like this cream could take the place of a lancing, but doesn't remove the cyst. I e-mailed the company and I will post my Q&A if they respond back. Let us know how the stuff works for you.
I really wonder about this high of a success rate. Is this just what the doctor says or is
there some results that provide this? Having gone through the surgery it seems hit or miss
no matter what surgery is done. Did he get all the tract? If not then it seems like it
has a good chance of returning.

Then there is always the question of how the doctor measures success. Is this that the
patient actually never gets a return of the cyst or could it be that the patient just
gets frustrated with the surgeon and goes else. Either case for the surgeon he considers
it a success as he never hears again from the patient.

I just take some of these sucess rates with a grain of salt. Maybe not as bad a failure
rate as you see here with all the problems but also I don't think it's nearly as successful either that there will never be a return as some in the medical community makes it out to be. Unfortuately this seems to be the hard reality.
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