"maybe a cure" ???????????What are your thoughts?

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This is what the website says:
"Lastly, and most importantly. People post on this board when they are having problems, they don’t post here when everything is peachy…. Therefore, most of the posts that you will read will be frightening at first and give you the impression that there is nothing but infections, recurrences and incompetent doctors. This is not remotely the case. Less than 10% of all Pilonidal excision surgeries fail or result in problems. It’s those 10% that you will see posting the most on this discussion board. 90% of all people have their surgery and then disappear from the board to get on with their lives. For every bad experience there are 9 good experiences, please keep that in mind."

My doc didn't tell me I had a 90% chance at success, I'm sure no doc gives the same number. But people shouldn't come to this site and immediately freak out about surgery. Most people do have successful surgeries, and that should be said, no matter what the 'real' success rate is.

As far as you asking about my doc removing all the tract ... why wouldn't she? And like I said, my doc didn't give me that success number ... it's on this web page, http://www.pilonidal.org/disc_welcome.htm
OK fine. I still think 10% is pretty high given what seems a "hit and miss" method of
identify the tracts and then removing.

I am not saying that there are no successful surgeries. And I have talked to a number
that have had them. But by the same token I am sure about the actually success rates.
From my surgeon he claimed a better than 95% success rate. And yet his aftercare was
so bad I really question his reliablity on whether he really listened to the patient
after he was done with the surgery. And even if there was another reocurrance of the
cyst whether he would even acknowledge this.

As far as your doc removing all the tract of course he will try to. As will any
surgeon but how can they be certain? This is not something they can be certain of.
My surgeon told me as much.
The "medical profession" doesn't usually recommend any type of treatment that doesn't involve drugging and cutting. So it doesn't surprise me. I've watched skin cancers drawn out of my brother-in-laws face using homepathic remedies. If I hadn't seen it myself I would have never believed it. He did get the areas scraped and tested, so they knew it was indeed skin cancers. His dermatologist certainly didn't recommend the treatment he chose, but what he chose worked. No flames please, just stating what I've witnessed.
I agree with both of you, paininbutt and oscar. I'm not out to prove people wrong, I just really feel that both sides (the whole issue) needs to be said.

You were given a 5% chance of it coming back (how true has that been for you?) and I was given a 25% chance. My doctor has been truthful and honest and is still providing aftercare 4 months after closed surgery. Perfect example of 2 doctors, treating the same thing, but totally different in their ways.

oscar, that's great that homepathic remedies worked for your brother-in-law. Not all doctors are for drugging and cutting (mine wasn't) and I hope someday a remedy comes up for PC sufferers. For all we know, this cream is the trick and it's just getting started.
The 5% chance of it coming back I don't think was accurate as I feel like I already
have it back as I have some draining and pain. It could be part of the healing but I
really doubt it. It seems a lot like before the surgery.

I know this group is heavily toward surgery as the cure, and I was too at one time,
but I am not sure now. And this is the dilemma. What do you do if the surgery isn't
successful. Even if the return rate is 10% chance of return with the first surgery what
does it become on the second, third, etc. Seems like it gets less each time.

To be honest I am really searching now. I am not really afraid of doing another surgery
since I now know what to expect as far as recovery and pain. But I really have a lot more
questions now about the chances of success on doing another surgery.
Maybe some of us are just going to have to try to live with it and make the best of
it. Very frustrating. :(
paininbutt, it is frustrating isn't it? I do realize that there are some doctors out there who are not all for drug and cut, but I believe the majority are. That's just my opinion, and also my experience. I'd like to have my gallbladder and uterus back, and give other remedies another go. Pilonidal isn't quite the same, I wouldn't be losing an organ. But at age 50, I'd really like to avoid another surgery. I'm not "set in stone" opposed to it, just would like to avoid it.

One of the doctors Bascom gave someone on this board some non-surgery advice, although they declined to share what it was. It would be interesting to hear what it was, but the person hasn't posted in months.

The good thing is, I think we all have compassion for each other here, and can pretty safely voice our opinions. I often wonder how many more pilonidal cases there are out there that never get brought up to an individuals doctor. I'll bet there's a lot, I know so many people who have, or who have had them.
Hello again,

My son has been using Furuncle Med for about three days & I cannot believe the difference in the cyst itself. It has shrunk down to about half the size it was and it is flat! Hope this isn't giving us false hope, but even if it just keeps it from being sore and large we are one up.

an inquiring mind
An Inquiring Mind,
Thanks for letting us know how the Furuncle Med is working. That sounds encouraging! Please continue to keep us updated.
An Inquiring Mind

I am curious how you are using Furuncle Med. It seems to be used for boils and comes
with bandages that you apply to the boil after you put the Furuncle Med on the boil.
Makes sense to be in the boil case but a lot harder to do to put a bandage on the
butt crack and make it stay in place. What are you doing?
As paininbutt, I am curious about how this cream is working...

And you have to look at all the factors...have you been doing anything else, or JUST this cream? Has he been sitting at all, on his tailbone? Are you taking warm baths? Is he on any medication that could reduce inflamation? It's hard to determine that this cream is working wonders, if it could be a variety of factors.

I know personally, that my PC will get large and painful if a skip a Epsom salt bath or two - but if I resume my baths, it goes back down... I haven't used any creams, I have a coccyx cushion that I take everywhere, and the only medicine that I take is Vit C and a Multi. So I'm pretty sure the warm baths are what does it...
Hello y'all,
My son's PC was only the size of a small pecan & he has only had it about 4 months. Although it is almost in his crack, I cover the actual cyst with the Furuncle-Med and then place the bandage over it, kind of poking the patch into his crack at the bottom edge of the pad before sticking it to his skin. The bandages we use are barely large enough to cover everything. We are not using the patches that came with the medicine as they were a little smaller & did not work. We are using Curad non stick pads with adhesive tabs on two sides. They are 3" X 4". As of today the place has gotten a little puffy again (it was flat for a while), and there is this strand coming out of it that looks like two thin cords. He tries to pull some of it out, but it is extremely painful. He won't let me even try to help him with it. He is still soaking in sea salt water, and after a soak, that is when he can pull a little piece off the cord. Have you all heard of that happening? It bleeds some when he pulls on it. As long as it is not swelling more I am hopeful. His doctor gave us an antibiotic prescription to have on hand just incase it flares up really fast. Also he has been taking garlic since the beginning. Just 300mg three times a week. (when he remembers!) So in answer to your question, boiling mermaid, yes he does soak & take this garlic, but the only new thing added was the Furuncle-Med & that is when we noticed the biggest difference in size.

As far as sitting...I have noticed he always leans forward when playing video games and he always sits on the sofa when he does sit. It is very soft foam. He has to practically stand when riding the 4 wheeler. Fortunately we are a homeschool family so he can stand and move around when he needs to. He does shift a lot when he sits on a hard chair. Mostly does his work at the sofa.

I can't imagine this being a miracle cure, and the surgeon still thinks surgery will be necessary eventually. I am hoping he never has to have surgery, and if needed, maybe not 'til after the 1st of the year so he can at least enjoy hunting season.

MCHammer, I hate to hear about a possible reoccurance. Hang in there
and let us know, OK?

May you all have a great (pain free) day.

an inquiring mind
Since I last wrote we have changed to putting the Furuncle Med on
a piece of cotton ball over the cyst and then covering it with the patch. That way all the medicine is not absorbed into the patch.
The medicine still seems to be drawing something from the center
of the cyst. We have only used about half of the med. and the article states it may take three containers to clear it up. We have a ways to go.

an inquiring mind
It sounds like you found a good way to put the Furuncle Med on. What is being drawn out of the center of the cyst? Before, you mentioned a strand coming out of the cyst that looked like two thin cords. Do you know what that was and is it gone now? Some people have hair in their cyst. Have you noticed any hair coming out? I hope this works well for him.
Hi Linda,

The stuff coming from the middle is a type of strand. It looks kind of fleshy and a little bloody. The surgeon said it is part of the root. I guess it is just being drawn out by this medicine. I have not seen any hair in his patch, but a couple times after he had soaked there was a small hair clump in the tub. He soaks in sea salt water. The last sinus hole is also draining a light yellow pus occasionally that blocks the hole a bit and comes out when he soaks. Looks like the cyst itself is doing well.

an inquiring mind
That's very encouraging. It almost sounds like the Furuncle Med is cleaning out the cyst. I've thought that hair in a cyst acts as a constant irritant and if the hair were removed, the abscess might heal. After my son's surgery, the pathology report said his cystic area contained hair.


quote:Originally posted by Linda

That's very encouraging. It almost sounds like the Furuncle Med is cleaning out the cyst. I've thought that hair in a cyst acts as a constant irritant and if the hair were removed, the abscess might heal. After my son's surgery, the pathology report said his cystic area contained hair.
where can you buy this med?
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