"maybe a cure" ???????????What are your thoughts?

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I don't know about putting salt directly on the wash cloth, but I
know that soaking in warm sea salt water helps my son considerably & that is when there is infection or not.

an inquiring mind
I'm thinking of ordering the Furuncle-Med cream. Bascially, I was diagnosed with a pilondial, took antibiotics, and over the course of a month it got worse, better, worse, better. After lancing, it got better again for a few weeks, then now is back to a small bump that irritates the skin.

From reading people's posts and my own experience, it seems if you do something that removes or "pulls" the infection from the cyst you can experience relief, sometimes for awhile.

Lancing kept my cyst small and flattish for about 2 weeks, because a small amount of infected fluid was removed.
Hot compresses with salt will "pull" some of the infection out, thus making the bump smaller and like this original post it seems to have cleared up.
This medicine seems to "pull" the infection out of the cyst, giving the people that have tried it on this topic relief.

Now, for some people with a large cyst or a bad infection, this isnt going to cure them. But I think if its the beginning stages of the cyst (first infection, not a very big cyst, never required emergency draining) it might pause it or turn it around (rare)

However, surgery is again, the ONLY proven way to remove it so going with the surgery route usually just removes it and you dont need to worry about it again.

Who knows. The cream sounds too good to be true, but 50 bucks for a bottle of this might be a better option then surgery and its downtime.
It is too good to be true. I have tried Furuncle-Med cream and it does seem to be somewhat good about
reducing draining or infection. But I really doubt it will cure a PC problem. It's really used for
cure of smaller boil problems.
Hello, so after reading these posts i was wondering how your son is doing An inquiring mind? the last post was around 2 months ago and i was thinking abotu ording Furuncle-Med. I was curious as to how your son PC was doing. What is going on with the "root" did it all come out or is the salve still slowly pulling it all out? Well i hope you still read these forums and you can help me with these questions.
yes, i've read through now as well and am wondering what's been happening with his cyst...

I also thought it was a bit funny, that on the bottom of the website for this cream stuff, it says

"The statements made within this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements and the products of this company are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."

well, just what is it for then???[:?][:?]
Ughh, here comes another flare up. I had one bad week, then a good week, and now a terrible week. I suspect another surgery is on it's way. I am going to try the wash cloth and salt until my visit to the surgeon.

Is it wise to seek out a second opinion? I've had 2 surgeries and frequenting the surgeon at the hospital for the last 5 years. All of the admin knows me there, and don't require my health card anymore, heh....sucks.
i personally seriously doubt warm saltwater has any effect at all.

like some people say, warm compress of some kind might help with the swelling but it's definately not a cure, if it was everyone would be cured on their hawaii trips :)

salt water has desinfectant properties, but it won't remove the crap inside the cyst/abscess, nor will it remove the pit which seems to be the cause to begin with.


I am very curious as to the status of anyone using this cream. How is the son doing? Has anyone else ordered and tried to use this? This topic seems to have slipped, follow ups would be nice for all of us silently following this story!

-Kitty Cat
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