maybe I should have surgery?

I just recently started looking up info about my condition, and it seems to me that I have wayyyyy more flare ups than most people… like 4 to 5 a year, is this too much? should I be having this taken care of? I just can not afford to be out of work for weeks or months.


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Sorry to hear that.
Yes I would def look into getting it taken care of.
I also fully understand not needing to be out of work for a long time.
If you can find a cleft lift surgeon near by or within a 5 hour radius I would go for that.
Success rate is 98% and the healing time (without complications) is the quickest of them all.
I have had some complications, but if I hadn't of, I'd be near 100% now and it's been about 5/6 weeks.
The closed excision is a 2/3 week recovery but has a lot of failure rates (mine failed).
Open excision will take MONTHS to heal and still fails (mine did).
So go for a cleft lift if possible.
There's a list of surgeons on this website who are listed who perform the surgery and tells their location.
4-5 a year is too much. Before my surgery I was getting a flare up about every 2-3 weeks. That finally got me to my breaking point and if your even thinking about it then you've probably hit yours too. You should start looking into your options for sure.


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I only had one really big flare up before I had surgery. I had a couple small flare ups but they they drained or abscessed. They were sore and would go away on their own. I never knew what they were. 1 abscess and my doctor did the excision. Granted mind was super small. He's come in contact with many pilos. Made me wait a month and a half after lancing before he did the surgery and IF I needed it. Seems like every person has their own unique case. I couldn't imagine having a flare up that often. I would pass out.