Minimally Invasive Biopsy Punch Surgery in Italy & Europe

I wanted to tell the wonderful experience an English friend of mine had with one of these damned pilonidal cyst and fistula treated in Italy by Prof. Luigi Basso. Following a wonderful experience I had a few months earlier, after learning that my friend's son, 18 yrs old, born and bred in London, with no Italian, had a similar problem, I felt like recommending Prof. L. Basso's services in Rome. My friends were terrified at the idea of the operations they had suggested in England, especially after watching the pictures of traditional operations on the internet and after hearing the stories of those who had to face painful dressings for 2 or 3 months. Therefore, I felt like recommending Prof. L. Basso. They contacted him from England via email (, and Prof. Basso replied to them very quickly in English, providing all the relevant details, including the names of some hotels near the private clinic in Rome where he privately operates. There was no language barrier. Since my friends live abroad, they did not want to deal with more than one journey. They both agreed for a date to perform the operation (in their case, after only 10 days). My friends arrived from England on Thursday evening and met Prof. Basso, who visited their son (just to assess the situation, as the diagnosis had already been made by surgeons in England). The operation took place on Friday morning (under local anaesthesia, after an ECG and blood tests) and lasted 40 minutes. Prof. Basso performed 3 or 4 holes using biopsy punches, some lateral and some in the middle. He always explains that some people call this the "Israeli" technique, but, in fact the Israeli came after the Americans and therefore should be called the "American" or, at best, the "American-Israeli" procedure. However my friends' son did not suffer any pain. He was even allowed to bring his favourite music in the operating room. As soon as the operation was finished, prof. Basso immediately rang the parents in the room, so that they did not have to worry for the extra 30-40 minutes which takes until the patient is back in the room. After the operation, the boy was wrapped like an Egyptian mummy around the lower back, on the operated area. This was the only annoying but necessary part and lasted only 48 hours. My friends stayed in the clinic for five hours and then went to the nearby hotel. Two days later (on a Sunday!), Prof. Basso removed the "mummy" bandages and my friends flew back home. My friend's husband only lost one day of work. There was no need for any painful dressings, except those that the parents at home and their GP did, consisting only in pain free daily changes of dressings (Opsite) for two weeks. After 10 months, my friend's son is fine. The cyst is not back and so isn't the fistula. There is virtually no sign or scars of the operation (my friends sent me recently a picture of their son). My friends then found out that Prof. Basso has operated on a number of patients from virtually anywhere in Italy and, also from many European and extra-European countries (including, US, Scandinavia, etc.), as he speaks perfect English and there is no language barrier with him. My friends will never finish to thank me for recommending Prof. Basso's services to them: maximum efficacy, zero pain, extreme courtesy and professionalism, contained cost (they spent in total, excluding the hotel and the flight, about 2500 Euros). I do not understand why this non-invasive American-Israeli technique is not performed in England! For those who are interested, you can easily find details on Prof. Basso on Google. I hope the story of my English friends from London will be helpful to some...
This year we had the same case with my 16 year old son. We were terrified to learn the required aggressive surgery and especially long recovery period and he would not be able to do many sport activities for a long time period. Then I started to search for alternatives and learned of minimally invasive punch surgery. Despite the fact that we are from Germany and at the time located in Istanbul, we were surprised to learn that this method was not recommened.
While I was searching for a good surgeon in Europe I came accross this post.
I made some more research on Prof. Basso and contacted him. He won my trust over the emails and phone calls.
We flew to Rome in early April during his Spring break 1 week holiday, he went through a similar procedure as explained above. Prof. Luigi Basso was not only quite reassuring, professional, but also very helpful in all aspects. Even his suggestion of an Italian Restaurant Consolini turned out to be great. We also had time to take a tour of Rome before the op which was relaxing before the op. In the end all went well with the operation and in the subsequent days. Our son was back in school without losing a single school day.

Now, 8 months after the surgery, our son is quite fine. We are very grateful to Prof. Basso and highly recommend his services.