Minor pea sized pilonidal cyst-Operation or live with it?

Hi everyone,

About 3 weeks ago I noticed a growing pimple/redness at the tailbone, thought it was a regular pimple. as the pain increased to where i couldn't sit for 1-2 days, i realised it wasn't and found this site. It formed after sitting on the bath tub. Implying it couldn't be from an ingrown hair. The painful cyst drained a day later with pus and a bit of blood presumably it was infected. Now i have 4 small black holes very close to each other at the midline. These are pits/sinus openings and one slightly larger one below them which is not black. Any idea what this might indicate? the dimple is on the right buttocks above these openings, about a pea sized one which has some redness around it but nothing major like what ive been reading. I dont have pain at the moment only discomfort with certain activities but sitting down is fine for me. Im pretty sure i have a pilonidal something, not sure wether its a cyst/abscess. I believe its a cyst because of the dimple which sometimes releases tiny bit of pus/blood from the spot. I still havent seen a doctor, currently live in the uk and am 20 years old. Read about nickmono's case and i think its similar, seems like pit picking would be the best option if i do have surgery. any other way around it though? mine doesn't seem that bad, almost looks like a standard pimple, however i dont want it to worsen. Any advice, tips and recommendations as to what i should do. thanks!

Hi Ken,
I know what you are going through because I just had my second surgery within the past 2.5 years for chronic pilonidal disease. It's been almost a week and a half since my last surgery, which my surgeon excised the cyst and abscess and left the wound open to heal by secondary intention. I also had a sinus on the inner right side next to the pit which was a sinus tract that led to an abscess 3 inches to the right inside my buttocks. My advice for you is to get a referral to see a surgeon about this and get it taken care of as soon as possible before the situation gets worse. The cyst will NOT go away on its own and needs to be surgically removed. I would go with the pilonidal excision with secondary intention (leaving the wound open to pack everyday) because your chances are a lot slimmer for it to come back.