My experience and healing process (closed wound)


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Hello everyone, this is my first post in this forum. I want to share my experience and my healing process as it goes on.

I’m a 22 y/o female. English is not my native language, so I apologize in advance. I noticed the first symptoms of my cyst about 3 years ago, till I finally decided to overcome the problem and get surgery.

I had a closed wound surgery (7 stitches) on February 29th (5 days ago). It was a long journey and I'm probably half way through, but feeling good so far.

My main advice: get treatment ASAP. The annoyance of living with it is in my experience worse than the treatment, which eventually will be needed anyways.

How it all started

Most of us here are familiar with the first signs: pain, bleeding, itchiness, and fear. Unfortunately this is not an illness we're familiar with. Till we get it. As most people, I did some google research and gave a name to what I had. I made the common (and silly) mistake of just ignoring it for a long time, maybe in the hope for it to go away.

Ignoring it is not an option. As a college student, I spend long hours on hard desk chairs and this is something unbearable during flare-up days. I was also in the constant fear of getting blood stains on my clothes.

After a long time of discomfort, I finally understood that it wasn't going to heal on its own, and that I needed to see a doctor, so I talked to my family about my problem.

The doctor's appts started

I was clueless of what kind of doctor I should see, so I just decided to go to a general doctor with the excuse of getting some check-ups on my health and -oh, by the way, I have this problem- the doctor checked it... and freaked out. My first diagnose was a perianal fistula (which is something more serious than what I had) he made it sound so urgent that it freaked me out more too. He even called my mom from the waiting room, and also scared her. He referred me to a surgeon and I made an appt as fast as I could.

The day came. It was somewhere close to august 2015. I felt confident with the doctor as soon as I walked in (a good sign). I explained my symptoms and the diagnose given by the previous doctor. He quickly disagreed, and for the first time I heard pilonidal cyst coming from a doctor. He looked at it and confirmed. I was disappointed that I wasn't getting any kind of meds or painkillers at this point. Surgery seemed to be the only way. A funny story: the guy in line for the doctor next to me was coming back to get his stitches removed after the same kind of surgery (what a small world).

The endless exams and appts began

The doctor made me get a sonogram first, to hopefully see the cyst. No results.

2nd attempt - a fistulography (wow there's such a thing... but, where do they do that?) finally found the place. I was anxious as I thought it was gonna be painful. It was not, just a bit uncomfortable... and cold. I finally saw what it looked like inside.

Relieved, not so big! "3cm of diameter. Blind sac" that's what the report read. "Definitely need a surgery. Poor thing" that's what the doctor said.

By this time, December had come. Fingers crossed to get it done during winter break!... but it wasn't like that, I had to go back in January to set a date.

We have a date!

In January I had to start all the paperwork (talk to the insurance, get an endorsement letter, talk to the hospital...) finally, the surgery was set for Feb 29th. (What a fun leap day to have...)

Getting ready, getting nervous

Blood exams, x-rays, heart exams... all the things needed to check you're in the condition to go through a major procedure. Everything was in order.

Now, I have to stop and mention how important finding this website was. First, I understood that I'm not alone in this. Second, I found all the very useful tips of what to do, what to expect, what to fear. I took some of the advices. I figured out that the whole eating healthy, lots of fruits and proteins, getting vitamins part is really important (I compared blood exams that I got done before starting doing all this with the newer ones and the difference was notable)​

As the day was coming, I wasn't as nervous as I thought I was going to be, just a little bit. My main concerns: is it going to be too painful? How long is it going to take to be healed? When will I be able to go back to school? (Don’t want to screw up the last semester of my career). Can I order pizza from the hospital? (JK!)

This was going to be my first big medical procedures (I've never spent a night at the hospital, gotten stitches, broken a bone or even gotten an IV) guess I've been too lucky so far!

The day came

I was at the hospital the day before to check in and open my medical history. I went back on Monday 29th at 1 pm. The surgery was scheduled for 2:30 pm. quickly they got me in a cubicle, got my IV on, and got me ready for the surgery. Finally they took me to the top floor, into the OR. Everyone was really nice and gentle; they did everything to help me feel calm and comfortable... before I noticed, everything was done.

IMPORTANT TIP: if you had a cold recently, even if it's gone, let your anesthesiologist know. If you don't, like me, you might wake up to a respiratory failure. Thankfully it was just a quick scare, since they fixed me ASAP.​

I woke up on my back. I was in a lot of pain at the moment, but they quickly gave me enough pain killers to get me dizzy and almost painless. I spent 2 nights at the hospital, the doctor wanted to make sure I got enough antibiotics and pain killers and got well enough before leaving.

Healing process

The first 2 nights (spent at the hospital) were the worse. I was sore and couldn’t find a comfortable way of laying to feel relieve.

I barely slept the first night, but the next day I was already walking (very slowly) and sitting on the bed, just to eat. Pain killer time was the highlight of my days.

After the 2nd night, I went home. I found that the best way to do it is by lying on my side on the back sit of the car. Finally in my bed, I had the best nap ever. At this point, I was able to lay on my back with little pain. I could sit for longer periods of time on a chair, while eating. I had my first shower. My hand was really swollen due the IV, and sore.

Thursday (day 4) was pretty good. Pain was almost gone! I still took pain killers just to make sure. So far I've been trying to be as clean as possible, hoping not to get an infection (doctor seems very concerned about that possibility).

Friday (day 5) I made it without pain killers! Still could sit just for a few minutes, although I didn't get as sore as I did (but part of me is scared the stitches are going to pop open). I also changed my bandages for the first time, with the caring help of my mom. I was really anxious about looking at the wound for the first time, but surprise surprise, it wasn't bad. Looking really healthy so far! No signs of infections.

I've tried all the chairs in my house, to spot the most comfortable ones. The coccyx cushion helps but not for too long yet. I am still too scare to bend over.

Today (Saturday) I felt really good. No pain and I can move around a lot better. I'm still being really careful and clean. The scar still looks really healthy. My appetite is back.

The idea of writing this was in the first place to share my experience to people that's going through the same, or will have to.

Mostly you get all the horror stories (I'm sorry for people going through that) but it helps a lot hearing the success ones. I still don't know how this will progress, but so far, so good.

Also, I needed to find something to do while lying on my back all day! I will make updates as time goes by. I'm still a bit scared about it; I really hope it keeps going as good as possible.

Any advices are welcome and appreciated. Also, questions about my experience will be taken! The forums were a big help to me, and now I hope I can give something back!

Lastly: this ended up being longer than expected (oops) sorry for making it long and boring! But sometimes writing helps.

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This is the 7th day after the surgery. Last night I felt a bit of pain, I was scared it was a sign of an infection, I took pain killers to make sure it didn't get worse. Today I felt better. I've been changing my bandages and cleaning the wound everyday since Friday. Today it looked really healthy still, no visible signs of infection! maybe the pain was caused by forcing myself too much yesterday, perhaps the fact that I feel good doesn't mean I should abuse!

I'm bored of being home, tomorrow my new semester starts in college, I'm sad that I have to miss a week or 2 before going back. My moods are up and down but I'm mostly happy that my recovery has gone so well so far, and that it's more likely almost over.

Aditional info: My doctor said the cyst was "horrible" with lots of tunnels, he opened up all the way to the bone! I'm surprised I'm recovering so fast!